November 27, 2010

My Little Charactatures

We had a church talent show tonight and the kids loved it, especially that my uncle was doing charactatures the entire evening to display his art talents. Here's the line up. Thank you Uncle Larry!

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November 26, 2010

Not In The Mood

I haven't been in the mood for much lately.
Except for guilt.
Guilt that I'm not in the mood.
And disinterested.
In my blog.
In literature.
In work.
And definitely not dishes or sweeping.
And that I don't want to get out of bed...
Even when Black Friday beckons me.
Or when my kids beckon me.
Like this morning my kids are decorating the house for Christmas.
And I'm in bed.
I did get up yesterday.
We had Thanksgiving with family and friends.
29 of us.
The new brie en croute recipe was a hit.
And the Caprese salad.
Cousin Roger's smoked turkey was so tender.
And delicious.
My mom gave us her left over rolls.
Love it.
And there were so many other fabulous dishes.
And great people.
And the kids were rambunctious.
I think I like summer parties with kids better.
Being outside mutes them some.
Talk of food lifts my spirits.
I think I'll get up now.
Plus Wham's "Last Christmas" is on the radio.
And that reminds me of when it was a new album.
And how much I loved those guys.
Then George Michael went off on his own.
Then he was bisexual and into self-destructive behavior.
But I like to think of him before all that.
Rolling out now to help my kids.
And make some cider.
And build memories.
Soon I'll be in the mood...

November 9, 2010

The Thumb

Welcome to my first guest blogger and firstborn
Graeden Johns

Graeden and his brothers frequently ask Tymon to tell them stories. The stories are always true and the boys are fascinated with them. As Graeden and Tymon were talking tonight Tymon told him that one good thing about this happening was that Graeden now has a story of his own to tell. He liked that. And wanted to write it down.

Graeden: When I was stapling a paper, my friend Jadyn came and offered to help. Then she accidentally stapled my thumb. And then I went to the clinic. And they were not allowed to pull it out. And it hurt a lot. I was crying a little bit. And then mom came. And mom took pliers and pulled it out. It was bleeding a bit. And then I hugged her. For a long time. 

Bridget here: check out the dot on the thumb nail in this photo. That's the puncture site. I tried to pull the staple out with my fingers. It wouldn't budge. I couldn't believe it. It was seriously wedged in there. The school isn't allowed to remove anything puncture-wise from injured students, but they had the pliers cleaned up and ready for me to do it when I arrived. It wasn't bleeding until I pulled the staple out. Then this bubble of blood oozed up. Fascinating. And I'm glad I didn't have to take him to the walk-in clinic. Graeden wanted to stay at school and was quickly surrounded by his classmates when he entered the lunch room.

November 7, 2010

Best Wishes Danica

I took Danica with me to Austin, Texas for the anual Driving School Association of the Americas conference this past week. It was a great trip and I learned many things about how to improve our business and industry. It's awesome to hear about what other states and countries are doing to improve traffic safety. Danica was able to explore the city with the daughter of my instructor trainer who also attended the conference with me. The girls had a great time and even checked out the local university. I don't think either one wants to go to school there, though.

Sadly, having Danica in our home was not a good fit and after 10 weeks of hosting it was time to make other arrangements. This afternoon, I took her to live with a new family. Interestingly enough, when I met the family the new host mom and I realized that we knew each other. We were both involved in city politics and served on the same community advisory committee in 2006. I sincerely hope that Danica will form a strong bond with her new family.

November 2, 2010

No Tricks, Lots of Treats

My beauties.

A little pumpkin for our little Pumpkin.

Getting ready to go.

Graeden wanted to be Luigi because his neighbor buddy was Mario. They are cute together.

I loved seeing Jocelyn going around and getting treats. She had a great time.
The kids loved having a four day candy weekend (starting with Graeden's birthday and ending with Halloween). Sometimes, it gets hard for them to decline candy, but as they follow through with the no sweets challenge, I can see them developing self control, an internal junk-food-meter and knowing when eating enough is truly enough. After eating his fill of Halloween junk, Elliott declared that he was hungry for something healthier. Melt my heart. He gets it.

Last week was parent/teacher conferences. We talked about the no sweets challenge and I found out that every time there is a birthday in class or a treat of any sort that the boys are declining them. On their own. Without me or Tymon ever knowing. I love this character development.
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