January 8, 2011


It only took 1.67 seasons, 13.25 months and 12 games for the biggest event in family basketball to date. In today's game, Graeden was open, passed the ball, took a shot, AND it went IN!!! The excitement this success has been fabulous. And to all of his adoring fans...well that's us...we are so happy for him. And I owe him a dollar. It's not a huge bribe, but every time Graeden steals the ball or makes a basket he gets a dollar. In two seasons I've only paid out a total of $3. To celebrate, we went out to teriyaki for lunch. And that really was a treat since Tymon had an all-day class today and I was alone with the kids. They did well and the shopkeeper loved them.

Game highlights:
1. Graeden's basket.
2. The other team was pretty good. The best competition our team has ever seen. They were so good at getting rebounds and stealing the ball. Did I mention that when they shot the ball, it went in 75% of the time? Yeah, we're just not used to that. Anyway, one kid stole the ball away from a kid named Declan and got in no more than one or two dribbles before Declan stole the ball back and took off. So funny. So cool.
3. We were behind the entire game until the middle of the 4th quarter when we tied the game...and then we ended up winning 26 to 20. I think the other team was surprised...and maybe they've never lost before.

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  1. Way to go! It would be big for certain members of our family too...


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