January 31, 2011

Dixie Rocks!

There will always be a special place in my heart for Southern Utah. Several years ago, I worked there and came to love the outdoors in a different sort of way than I do in Seattle. Mainly, the weather is warmer and the clear sky is lit up at night with bright stars. Yes, Dixieland is amazing.

If you live around Dixie, or even if you don't, please check out this site that my brother-in-law just made. It gives all sorts of info about things to do and see there. AND each Thursday for the next few weeks there will be a contest with some cool prizes (Tymon's eyeing the Kindle) for you to be involved with. All you have to do is "like" the site on Facebook and you get extra points for referring friends (hence this post).

1. Click the link for Dixie Rocks! on my Twitter feed in the sidebar.
2. Like "Dixie Rocks!" on Facebook (link on the Dixie Rocks! site).
3. Go to the contest tab to enter.
4. Refer your friends.

1 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Dixie does ROCK! We love living in this beautiful part of the country. Awesome website!


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