February 9, 2011


I've been on a reading binge of late...reading 8 books since Christmas time...and before that the last one I read was in July. I'm not sure if I'm just wanting to avoid wasting time on Facebook so I'm reading, or if I've just been devoid of literature for so long that I'm really thirsty for it now.

One of my friends loaned me The Help the other day and I devoured it in two sittings. I loved the perspective of the Negro maids in the 1960s as well as how the white women they served. I feel bad that so many were treated as lesser people. Not just the blacks but the whites who sympathized with them, as well.

A couple of years ago when I was in Alabama I was able to visit some of the civil rights memorials, churches, and landmarks and learn more about Southern history. It was eye-opening and I was happy that my family/ancestors were Yankees and had no part (that I know of) in the brutality of others. 

I like to think that racial tensions no longer exist in America. Because for me, they don't. But I know the prejudice against blacks, whites, reds, yellows and browns exists all over. And if you or your family are adversely affected by it, please accept my invitation to move to the greater Seattle area. We're nice here. 

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  1. love it...its true we are nicer in seattle... even though i don't live there now, i still claim i do!!! and i enjoyed the book too :)

  2. Hi there. I'm a long-time lurker, but I knew Tymon from 5th ward. We read that last year in our book group. It was interesting talking about the comparisons that we see today here in Hong Kong and the domestic helpers that people use. Many of the local Chinese (including some members of the church, unfortunately), treat these Indonesian or Filipino ladies so poorly. It's ridiculous to me how in this day and age, that kind of discrimination is still going on. It really makes me sad and angry.

  3. I'm almost done with this book and I love it!

  4. I finished it today. The end was good, but I really wanted Skeeter to end up with Stewart! Oh well, maybe she met somebody else in NYC. What other books have you read in the past couple months?

  5. I absolutely love this book. One of my favorites from the whole year.

  6. DUDE! I'm listening the book on tape version right now! I am love love loving it!

  7. I just read this article today from a couple weeks ago...interesting thoughts.



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