February 22, 2011

New Widget

Some of you may or may not have noticed my new side-bar widget. Let me bring it to your attention. Baby Girl Johns is on her way. She's about the size of a banana and almost a pound. Her dreaming and sleep cycles are established. Wow. That makes her sound so mature. My nausea is nearly gone...as long as I eat something every couple of hours. (Don't ask Tymon about our trip to the post office a week or so ago. It's rained and snowed since then and I'm guessing the mess I left in the parking lot is gone by now.) And my pants are beginning to feel snug. So it's almost time to start wearing the next size up...luckily I have some on hand. Who knew when I lost 20 pounds last year that I'd end up finding them all (plus more) this year? Not me.

What's strange to me is that I still have this strong urge to adopt. Yeah. Weird, I know. I talked to our old social worker last fall to see about doing a home study. Then a week later I went to the dollar store and picked up a pregnancy test. Positive. So, I'm a little frugal....I don't really want to pay for a home study and then pay to update it (when Baby Girl is born). So an adoption is on hold. And that's okay.

I'm in a little bit of shock that Baby Girl will be coming. I thought for sure she would be "he". Mostly because Tymon wants to stop having children after we have two girls. After Evan died, I felt like there was another boy that would come to our family. I've never had any sort of feeling about who was coming to our family before. But that feeling was pretty strong. And I latched on to it. For two and a half years I've "known" that our next child would be a boy. His name is Quentin. It means the fifth. As in our fifth son. He's the place holder for his big brother. A way to remember the one who is gone.

My cousin said her second pregnancy was her last and she had twins. It's almost like God knows when you're serious. Luckily, He's got a healthy sense of humor. These twins are the ones that just sold us Girl Scout Cookies. They're fabulous. I'm sure my cousin can't imagine life without both of them. Tymon's sister just got pregnant. A surprise for her 40th birthday. Ha ha. My aunt had the same thing happen for her 40th birthday. Another couple examples of God's sense of humor...or wisdom.

Because Tymon wanted to be "done" with two girls, I was sure Quentin would be joining us this summer. That's how Heavenly Father would make sure he got Quentin into our family. And since that's not the way it's working, I'm left wondering if in fact we will have another boy. 

The questions race through my mind....Should we adopt? When? Who? Infant? Child? And from where? Sometimes, the prospect of a foreign adoption is appealing. Those children are a little bit older. Like not babies. Perhaps toddlers. And potty trained. Yes, potty trained. I like it. They also involve international travel. Did I mention I have 5 children? How can I travel for an indefinite amount of time to go through another country's legal system? Would I bring any of my children along? If we adopt domestically we'd be getting an infant (unless we did a foster to adopt program). Infants mean lots of crying and diapers. And it wouldn't be as "easy" as adopting Jett was. Maybe we should wait for another opportunity like that. It will come when we're not looking for it. But we'll be ready.

And even with the above thoughts, I'm excited about having a girl. About the possibility of not being pregnant again...until my 40th birthday. Ha ha ha.

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  1. OH MY! How exciting. Glad you are feeling better.

    Wish my pants were just still 'snug'. I haven't fit into them in weeks.

    Speaking of weeks, your are just one behind me. Our girls could be twinners! LUCKY!

    CONGRATS! Love you.

  2. congrats!!! how fun you are getting another girl!!!

  3. Congrats!!! You are the kind of person that children are blessed to be with!

  4. Congrats to you, Tymon and the whole family on this new little girl! And I bet Jocelyn will be thrilled to have a sister.

  5. Congrats on the new little one. You are a powerhouse, Bridget. At this point I am wondering how I am going to pump out 2 more of these little people and you are going on 5 and already thinking about your next one.


  6. You want a boy? You'll have a boy. The ultrasound isn't exactly rocket science, it's easy to miss that tiny little bit "extra", especially when the owner of that "extra bit" is 21 weeks young!

    Plus, Quentin is a terrible name for a girl. ;-P

  7. I definitely did not catch the new little gadget in the sidebar. Congrats! For those of us that don't know much about Jett's adoption story, is that something you'd be willing to post for us to read?

  8. Thank you!

    @Briana - yes, I will post about Jett's adoption. I didn't realize I hadn't...although I started blogging after we adopted him so that is the only reason why I haven't up to now. Briefly, it was not planned. It was quick. We got a home study done AFTER meeting with his birth mother. It was done privately with no agency - just an adoption lawyer. I would recommend this route to any and everyone...but I know that it doesn't happen like this for pretty much most all families. Anyway, more to come...

  9. Congratulations, Bridget! I'm excited for you guys to meet this new little addition to your family. I am also thinking about adopting, but I think I may do the foster to adopt route. Katie had a terrible time, but not everyone does, and I have a strong feeling that I should at least be a foster mom.

  10. Congratulations! Girls are great! ;)

    We, also, were thinking 3 kids (as we've thought about foster/adoption as well sometime in the future) would be enough when the ultrasound showed TWO heartbeats. So now we have 4 beautiful girls. Heavenly Father certainly does have a sense of humor.... Or timing.


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