February 24, 2011

Sneaky Snow

Sometimes, I question the decision we made to cancel all of our driving classes and lessons. It snowed last night. All over Seattle and the metro area. Some places were hit hard. Some were not so bad. Every school district but one in the region cancelled school. There was supposed to be a bit more snow this afternoon.

Our house got a couple of inches. I'm now looking out the window at dry pavement. The forecast has abandoned the snow prediction. Um, yeah, so why did I insist on Tymon taking the 4-wheel drive family vehicle to work and school? Oh, it's because I believed the weatherman. And wanted Tymon to get home (up the hill) safely. And here's me at home with 4 children. Trapped. Can't go anywhere. And DRY pavement.

Dear Snow,
Quit being so sneaky.
Come if you say you're gonna.
Don't jerk me around.
If I knew this morning
What I know now
I'd have made different plans.

I wrote a poem today. (Not my letter above. A louder one.) I was remembering the slush that I purposefully drove through the other day...just to hear it under my wheels and see the spray fly out. Read it here: http://defensivedrivinghabits.blogspot.com/2011/02/slush-sounds.html.

If you'd like to enter our Safe Driving Fine Arts Contest, you've got a few more days before the deadline: http://www.facebook.com/photo.

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