February 14, 2011

True Love

For Valentine's Day, Tymon and I celebrated by going to Teatro Zinzanni for their dinner theatre on Friday night.
The meal was fabulous. Like as in some of the best courses I've ever had. It's too bad the portions weren't that big. I could have eaten so much more. The show was fun, a little bawdy and I laughed a lot. This photo was my favorite act. The maid pictured had on a straight face the entire night. She seemed to walk right out of a murder mystery show. She was hilarious and I kept expecting her to smile or laugh or break character. She never did. She was phenomenal.

This morning, I gave Tymon a Valentine's Day present. Andes mints in a decorative heart box. (Don't even say my $2 gift was cheap...you don't know how much we spent at Teatro Zinzanni...a once in our lifetime experience.) But Tymon gave me an even better gift.

The week before Thanksgiving, we got a lot of snow and ice. I drove home on Monday and didn't drive again until the following Monday. Somehow in that week of not keeping track of my keys every day, they disappeared. As in here it is almost 3 months later and they are nowhere to be seen. The worst part about using the spare key is that there is no remote entry on it. And unlocking all the doors at once is such a convenience with children and carseats and loading up the groceries. With no remote, I have to unlock the driver's side door (the only one that can be opened with a key), open it and then click the button to open the other doors or even to pop the trunk. I've suffered in silence mostly. About two weeks after the key was gone I asked Tymon for his. He only drives the car on Sundays. Nope. This is tough love baby. I had to find my keys.

This morning, Tymon gave me his remote entry key. That's true love. Getting a new one made would probably cost about the same as an evening at Teatro Zinzanni.

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  1. ha ha Love it! I cant believe I had to wait for the news letter to find out about jocy's lil sister... I am so excited!

  2. I've always wanted to go to that show. I'm glad you guys had fun!


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