March 12, 2011

Health Fair

I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to go out this morning with my kids to Children's Hospital in Seattle. They had a Health Fair going on that I really wanted to attend...not just because they were giving away bicycle helmets (that Graeden really wanted...but I could care less about) and high back booster seats were $15 but mainly I wanted to see their facilities. We toured an operating room and saw some of the high tech equipment they have and also got some information on their NICU and pediatric cardiologists. We're praying we don't actually need those services...but just in case we do, it was a great day to introduce the kids to Children's. Elliott had a soft cast put on his Lamby's foot and tagged her belly with a wrist name band. Jocelyn checked her Baby's heartbeat and looked inside her ears. They loved it. And though I was nervous about being pregnant and not feeling like doing much of anything, I did it. And it was good.

Going out to teriyaki this afternoon was another story. Let's just call it a hellish nightmare. And the rest of the evening was more of the same. My children are wild. Seriously. I don't even recognize them sometimes. The weirdest thing though is that Jett was good today. He didn't get one spanking and I never raised my voice to him. Usually he's the first to start whining. Nope, today it was Bully Graeden who started it. I'm glad they are finally all in bed. And by all, I mean all of the boys. Jocelyn won't sleep until I do. But she's busy playing with hospital gloves and other paraphernalia from today.

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  1. I'm sorry the trip out for dinner was so awful. I feel that way many times when I take the brood out of the house. All that work to just leave and then you wish you hadn't even tried. I feel your pain. I hope your kids are nicer to you the next time!


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