March 11, 2011

Top Shelf

I finally did it. I took my box of maternity clothes down from the top shelf of my closet this morning. I had forgotten that I actually like some of my clothes in there...mostly the ones I got when I was pregnant with Jocelyn and a fabulous sales clerk turned into my personal shopper. I really wanted to put on some pants that I could button up.

I was so surprised that near the top was a pair of jeans. Cute ones. Full length and not capris. Score! After 2 minutes I discovered that these were the dreaded pants that have a lousy waistband that slip down and take my undies with them. Eek.

I'm now wearing a pair of maternity jeans I got 8 years ago. Not as cute, but at least they have belt loops so they stay up. I did come across a product today that would solve my problem with the first looks like a glorified pair of suspenders. So the real question is whether or not I'll really buy some.

Belly Ups

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. You'd probably be better of just buying a new pair of maternity jeans. Or I have a couple pairs you could borrow if you want.

  2. I love those--but I just made my own. Seriously, you can buy the suspender clasps at Joanns along with a few inches of elastic. But they really are helpful at keeping pants up :)

  3. I bought a bella band for my last pregnancy that I never used. You can try that if you want. It's just taking up space in our little house.


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