March 9, 2011

Tricks and Giggles

This afternoon, when the nurse told me that they were planning on doing a transvaginal ultrasound to check on my marginal placenta previa, I was quite surprised. And horrified really. Talk about invasive! The sonographer did the regular belly one first and found that in fact the placenta had moved up. Here's Baby Girl laughing hard at her neat trick. No placenta previa for me. I think she moved it right before. Ha ha. Funny funny. I'm so grateful to be clear of this hurdle.

Thank you all for your prayers on Baby Girl's behalf. Her pulmonary artery branches are growing. Not tons. But enough for now. Instead of being 2.5 to 3 standard deviations below normal, now she's only 2 below normal. We are still praying that over the next couple of months that they will continue to grow. Her blood flow looks good and there don't seem to be any blockages or pent up flow. I find myself now daring to hope that she won't need a heart surgery after all. And just maybe this is a blessing Heavenly Father wants to grant her.

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  1. What's interesting also is that Baby Girl is in the 70th percentile for height. My babies get longer and longer with each successive pregnancy.

  2. Transvaginal US? That's standard procedure here!

  3. It's not standard here. Or maybe I've just chosen doctors/midwives that don't make it standard. And I've always been asked which tests I want done. Meaning, if I didn't want one, I don't have to do an ultrasound at all. But I like to know baby's sex as soon as I can. If it weren't for that, I probably wouldn't get them. Ha ha. Although this Baby's issues have swayed my mind there.

    I SO didn't like being told what they were going to do when it was definitely not what I thought I was coming for. What happened to consulting with me and letting me make the decision?!

    My next appointment is with a different doctor.

  4. Her you get a TV US to confirm the pregnancy (3-5 weeks), and you also get the first picture... Then you can do the nuchal translucency scan (10-12 weeks, optional if you're under 35 years of age, over 35 years you get it for free, plus a "serious" DNA test just in case), then you get the morphology scan (20-24 weeks, to determine the gender and see the development), and then another one at 30-35 weeks. You also get "another" TV at the same time as the morphology do determine the lenghth of your cervix.

    I wouldn't have it any other way. But hey, I'm the one who would never consider anything but a obstetrical hospital (porodnišnica) birth... ;-)

  5. Congratulations Bridget. I am so happy for you and I will pray that you will get the blessings you are asking for and she will be born a beautiful healthy baby girl. Thinking of you. I was sick all the way through every one of my pregnancies. I hope you are luckier tan me.

  6. Oh Tina! Most of the tests are there just to see if the baby might have Downs syndrome or some other genetic disorder. Then they can help you make an abortion decision. Those are the tests I decline because 1. I will not choose an abortion and 2. some of the tests are so invasive that they actually go into the womb to collect their samples...that just doesn't seem best for the baby. Someone's curiosity in doing these tests doesn't justify the possible harm to the baby. You hop on a plane and come to my house this summer and you can be a part of this birthing experience...although I think you'd really appreciate a home birth better. It's the fear of the unknown that most of us are scared of...but most women in the history of this planet delivered babies at home. It's hospitals that are the weird thing. I did my first at a hospital because I thought that was the way it should be done. I know better now. ;o)

    Thank you Kenda! Most of my sickness is gone though I do have bouts with nausea here and there.

  7. BRIDGE, I AM SO HAPPY that our little baby sister is doing well. =] WOW... GREAT NEWS =] Love you

  8. We've been praying for Baby Girl and are so glad to hear there's been improvement. Love you lots! Kristal

  9. This smile is so huge! Very cute. I'm thinking she must be warm and cozy in there.


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