April 23, 2011

Egg Hunts: The Hiding Technique For All-Year Fun

The last few years we have gone to my cousin's house for an egg hunt and potluck dinner. It's my all time favorite Easter activity. Mainly because they make it really fun. Part of the fun is inviting over a ton of friends and family. 

But most of the excitement comes from where the eggs are hidden. Eggs aren't really "hidden" in open sight on the grass like they are at the city-wide celebration we skipped this year. They're actually in nooks and crannies and the kids get challenged to find them. I believe my cousin has about 3 acres of property and the eggs are spread out over half of it. What I especially love is how respectful the older kids are of the younger ones. While it is true that younger kids get a head start, the older ones don't pick up the obvious or low-laying eggs. They leave them for the younger ones. I love that the older ones also want the younger ones to have fun and find lots of eggs. They stuffed and hid over 1300 this year (everyone donates candy and/or prizes).

And the most creative hiding spot? In the pool, of course. Ha ha ha. Two of my cousins' kids jumped in fully dressed after one egg. The one who got it first shared it with the one who didn't get it.
Elliott taking a break from hunting eggs to swing on the rope.
My laughs for the afternoon came though when one of my cousins combed an area that the kids had already gone through. He found probably 10 eggs. He opened each one keeping the candy he liked and re-stuffing and tossing in the grass the candy he didn't. He also found proof that the kids don't find all of the eggs every year. A couple of the eggs he brought back had little holes in the ends where animals have chewed through the plastic to get to the candy inside. Hiding eggs in random places offers the best opportunity for finding the leftovers all year round. If you plan on having a spontaneous snack sometime during the summer, you just have to make sure you find the missing eggs before the wildlife does.

Spoils of the hunt.

5 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Where are the pictures of my grandkids?

  2. They're in the top one, though Kjell is walking right out of it. Ha ha.

  3. I saw that, but thought you could have given me like a picture of just them hunting eggs LOL kidding my kid (Jeri) needs to get me some pictures!

  4. That is an impressive family get-together. We went to one of those Easter egg hunts where half of the eggs are just laying in the grass for the little ones. :) But most of the kids there were 5 and under.

    Happy Easter!

  5. Nice shirt, Elliott =]

    I am glad you had a good time =]


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