April 28, 2011

Finger Candy: My Top Ten Feels

There are certain things I can't help touching. I mean sometimes I can control the impulse to reach out and get a feel...but most of the time I just can't help myself. Here are my Top Ten Finger Candy Feels:

10. Afro hair - the texture fascinates me. And if I'm lucky enough to know you and you've got some, I may just ask you if I can feel it.
9. Ringlets - I need to put my finger through the center of a ringlet and then pull it down.
8. Velvet dresses - I won't even ask you. I'll just start rubbing your sleeve.
7. Fur coats - oh so soft. I love 'em...but no, I don't own any.
6. Fabric - can anyone go through a fabric store and not touch everything?! No, I don't think so.
5. My Grandfather's fatty fat veins on the back of his hand - they were huge. I always wondered what would happen if I pressed them. So I did. Softly. Over and over again. Grandpa died when I was 14. I miss him.
4. Chapped lips - as in my chapped lips. Not anyone else's. I love the rough, smooth, rough, smooth texture.
3. My 6 year old Elliott's back - his skin is so soft. And he loves the caresses. Which is great for both of us.
2. My pregnant outie belly button - I just like to squeeze it. And play with it. My children think it's New Baby's foot or hand poking out. They like to kiss it her.
1. Pregnant belly - I know I'm not the only one who's drawn to this one. Lots of you are. You can't help yourselves. Some of you ask me before you reach out. Others ask after contact has been made. And I don't mind. Most of the time.

Once I minded. Several years ago, I was weirded out when my friend's husband touched my belly. He was from another country. And there, maybe it's okay to do that. But I'm not from there. I'm from here. And it was an invasion of my space. In a big way. So if you're male, don't touch.

Random addition: I'm watching Fringe right now and happen to be on an episode where Peter trips out and touches Boyles's bald head. Which reminds me of another sensory pleasure. Super short hair. Like if you use #1 clippers. And then feel the head. It's like velvet. I love it!

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. What? How did I not know you were pregnant until this post?

  2. I HAVE to reach out and touch buzzed hair. And I am totally with you about the fabric store thing. It's impossible not to touch.


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