April 2, 2011

Last Place

Previous years, the MS Walk has been on a beautiful warm spring morning...as it should have been today. The weather was decent for most of the three miles...and then at the rest station there was a downpour. 

We were the last group to cross the finish line. I'd like to say hanging out at the rest station was the reason we were last, but that would be misleading. Most of our group continued on at that point.

Perhaps, the cause was that our team took a while to get assembled in the beginning. But that wasn't really the cause. There were several groups behind us when we started out.

Maybe it was pulling over a few times for stroller adjustments (I think our group had 4 of them). But that's not really why we were last. Stragglers eventually took short cuts to catch up.

I think the real reason we were last is because this lady who is nearly 7 months pregnant (me) was feeling pretty heavy by the end. And shopping at the outlets after the walk totally did me in. I came home and sat, listening to our biannual church conference. Then lay down. Then moved to my bed. Then slept for a couple of hours. And I'm a bit sore. Still. I've had more exercise today than I've had in the last couple of months...

For me, the best part of the walk is talking with other team members. We don't usually have an opportunity to talk very much and it's great to catch up with others and get to know people that I haven't talked to in a while.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Thanks for coming! I wish we had gotten a picture of our whole team. Sorry you're sore. I think I was pretty sore after last year's walk when I was also 7 months pregnant!

  2. 3 miles?!?! 7 months pregnant?!?! Wow! Super mom! Congrats on finishing!!


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