April 1, 2011

Bursting Bubbles

Poor Jett somehow got his finger infected. No burn. No cut. No nothing. It's a mystery how this came about. But it did hurt him.

It swelled (over a day and a half) to twice the size of his other finger. I called the doctor this morning and got an appointment for this afternoon.

The doctor basically popped the blister and got a culture of the pus. Hopefully it's nothing serious. But it's so strange. Taking out the pain issue, he thought it looked like a cold sore manifesting itself on the finger. But alas, we haven't had any cold sores of late. So Jett's now on an anti-biotic and hopefully it'll heal quickly.

The best part? The pharmacy was selling grape bubble gum...the kind I used to get as a kid. I gave Jett some money to buy a pack and we enjoyed memories of my childhood Jett got a piece for being so brave. He also shared with another couple of kids in the waiting area. They were happy to be included and shared some of their stickers with him and Jocelyn. I really like it when kids are kind to one another and make friends so easily. After they left the good vibes carried right on over to the next guy in line who had a great time talking/interacting with Jett.

I blew bubbles all the way home and snapped away to my heart's content. Grape gum is pretty much the best ever. Now the poor piece has been retired to the trash, hard as all get out. But I loved it while it lasted.

4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I was going to ask you what happened at the doctor's office today, but now I guess I don't have to. I hope it wasn't anything serious. That is so weird!!

  2. You won! You won! Send me your address!

  3. This happened to my Braden- except on his thumb. We never could figure out what caused it. I won't tell you what I did as DR mom but it did make heal itself!


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