April 22, 2011

Sun Break

Not only has the sun literally broken through the clouds and rain today, but it is also shining on my soul. Thank you all for your prayers on our behalf! Tymon and I saw a pediatric cardiologist for a second fetal echo-cardiogram today, who we like. Not that the last one was bad. We just really like this one.  She is open and honest and easy to talk to. She respects my desire to stay with my mid-wife and have her coordinate my care for now. She straight up said that we will probably go through the birth and take home our girl and think to ourselves that we could have done the birth at home.  I loved that she acknowledged some of the politics of doctors/hospitals. So that she could "play in the sandbox nicely" with the other health care providers, she asked which of the two doctors I've seen for my ultrasounds should she send the results of today's echo to. It's amazing how a little validation goes such a long way in building trust. 

I think my belly tripled in size in the last two months.
The sun break news: 
Concern #1
Baby Girl's branch pulmonary arteries are growing but are still small. The concern here is that the blood pressure can build up and cause respiratory distress. It's not a problem now because only 10% of a fetus' blood flow actually flows through this part of the body. She is protected in the womb. An infant's heart/lungs take about 2 months to become fully normal and for the branch arteries to expand to facilitate 100% of the blood flow. The cardiologist doesn't recommend doing anything for at least that amount of time (unless Baby Girl is in distress) so that we can see what her body will do on her own. Big sigh. Chances are we won't be rushing her into surgery right after she is born.

Concern #2
Her aortic arch appears to be going to the right of the trachea (behind it) instead of to the left (in front) of it....which is not necessarily a concern (see the diagram below). There would be respiratory distress only if the arteries coming off of it happen to branch in such a way as to encircle the trachea and put pressure on it. 

Right-sided aortic arch with trachea and esophagus in the middle.

Bottom line: it's good news to have the "let's wait and see" prognosis. Perhaps, these issues will resolve themselves. Without surgery. My next step is to figure out where I want to deliver. I have the choice between 4 area hospitals with NICUs that could handle Baby Girl's potential respiratory distress...just in case we need it.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Bridget my prayers are with you! I had two babies with heart issues, one major and one mysterious and minor! I love Evergreen hospital but that is all I have known so I am by no means an expert! Keep the updates coming!

  2. So happy for you. We'll continue praying and hoping that everything goes well and that things resolve themseves.

  3. It makes all the difference in the world to find a doctor who you can talk WITH, and doesn't just talk to you.

    You and your baby girl are in our thoughts and prayers.


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