May 30, 2011

Explosive Treats

I think we were about an hour out of town 
before I remembered something really important. 
We went camping this weekend. 
As a treat I bought some soda for the trip. 
I put it in the freezer 4 hours before we left. 
They are so good 
when they have a bit of slush in them. 
Just like a Slurpee. 

Sometimes forgetting has severe consequences.
Like explosions.
The last time this happened 
It was Memorial Day weekend 2009. 
I put the soda in the freezer,
 remembered to take it out
and we had a FANTASTIC treat. 
So fantastic, in fact, that when we got home 
Jovana wanted to make the treat again.
She put a can or two of soda 
or maybe four into the freezer.
There was an explosion.
Similar to this one.
But on a little smaller scale.
She cleaned my freezer for me. 
This time, 
there's no Jovana. 
It's all me. 

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Oh NO! That looks like one sticky mess. Good luck!

  2. I still remember the mess I made that day. =]


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