June 10, 2011

Evan's 4th Birthday

Today was good.
And emotionally together.
It was fun getting food for the party.
Because I was all by myself.
Thanks Nana and Bapa!
The bakery at Costco was so quick 
to put Evan's name on his cake.
Within 3 minutes of my asking.
Love that service.
Somehow seeing his name written
started the tears.
I'd so much rather be celebrating
his birthday with him here.

This fantastic red velvet was a success.
I should have bought two.
But I didn't.
Because no one ever eats cake.
And I didn't want left overs.
Poor Bapa didn't get a piece.

We sang to Evan and released his balloons.
There are still a few in the trees. 
Ha ha.
I think Evan wanted us
to have a visual reminder of him
for a few more days or weeks.

Once the boys let a balloon go
at my aunt and uncle's house.
It was in a tree for months.
That'd be cool if these stayed
in our trees for a while.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I'm so sorry - it's wonderful you celebrate his life on his special day. We're up late preparing for Lucy's birthday on Saturday, and being reminded by your post that life is so short and we need to be grateful for each moment.

  2. Thank you for sharing... thinking of you on his bitter-sweet day!

  3. I'm glad so many friends and family could honor Evan with you guys. What a special tradition.


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