June 19, 2011

Maybe Later

I've been awake since 2:30 am. Dreaming of labor. Again. Except this time they weren't really dreams. More like making plans. Because of the contractions (non-labor ones) I'm having. And serious heart burn. Over an hour later and it still persists. I'm planning who to ask to teach my lesson in church this afternoon. Because these contractions may turn serious. Or not. But I like having babies on Sunday. It's so much easier to coordinate kids, friends, no work, etc. I'd better eat a bowl of granola and firm up my lesson plans...because there's a pretty good chance I will be teaching today. And too tired to do it later at a decent hour.

And on a side note: because I want to have this record later. My pollen allergies have been fine this season. My left eye has itched a little the past few days and my nose a bit runny the past couple of weeks. But nothing compared to last year when I wanted to just gouge my eyes out. I haven't had an LDA shot since last October. But will definitely start back up again after Kira is born. Because really, if a partial effect of the treatment is this good so many months after the last shot, then I want the full effect for next season.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I remember those early contractions being tough. I hope things progress for you soon, and that Kira comes safely.

  2. Bridget, I'm sending good birthing energy for you. I hope you get a birth that feels good and appropriate for the situation at hand. I want all the nurses to be lovely and all the nurse midwives to be willing to be flexible and to trust you and you trust them too. Mutual kindness basically.

    I pray Kira's heart gets great medical attention too.

    HAPPY LABORING!! Push! Push!

    Please give Heika my love and thanks too.

  3. Ugh. Pollen or grass? I'm not sure which but I spoke too soon. My eyes have been itching me the past few days and are terrible now. Still not as bad as last year. But I can't wait to get another LDA shot. Just one more month to wait.


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