June 11, 2011

Ten Hours Later and Still Laughing

This afternoon several of Tymon's classmates and their families came over for a graduation barbecue (ceremony is tomorrow). We talked with one guy for a little while before many of the guests arrived. He's Chinese, but born in the Philippines and lived in Canada and has Canadian citizenship. He's here as an international student. So we were talking about various cultures and the subject came up that we have hosted exchange students.

The conversation went something like this:

J: So where did she sleep?
Me: She slept in Jocelyn's room. Jocelyn slept with us at night.
J: (not realizing that  Jocelyn is our 2 year old and that "she" is Danica, our last exchange student) She slept in your bed?
Me: Yeah.
J: And you're okay with this?  
Me: (oblivious to the miscommunication) Yeah.
J: Wow.
Me: (trying to explain to a single guy why kids crawl into bed with their parents) She's two. Sometimes all the kids get into bed with us.
J: Oh! I thought you were saying your exchange student got in bed with you.
Me: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That would be some program! You'd want to sign up right away!
J: (laughs heartily)

Can you imagine? An exchange student who sneaked into her host parents bed in the middle of the night. Ha ha ha. Just the thought of this misunderstanding puts a smile on my face and chuckle in my heart. Tymon thinks this scenario has the makings of a great movie scene. I tend to agree.

April 2011 - We took Danica to dinner and bowling.

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