June 12, 2011

That Day and Hour Knoweth No Man

I'd like to have a baby today. Mostly because the last time Tymon graduated that's what happened. And it would be so convenient to have Kira today. I'm fairly certain that the walk from the graduation ceremony to the UW Medical Center would be closer than the walk from the ceremony to the parking lot. As an added bonus, I wouldn't have to accept the midwife's changes to my birth plan before giving birth.

Changes that include continuous fetal monitoring. And a pediatric team in the delivery room. Looking at my crotch. Patiently waiting for Kira to arrive. Because if I don't agree to that then I cannot deliver with the midwives. I'm already on the line for whether or not they will accept me as a client. Eek.

I understand business and why providers don't want to accept everyone. Especially difficult people like me. But transferring would mean going to an OB. Did it have to come down to this? I don't want an OB. And an OB would likely say the same thing. The midwife (same one as last week) encouraged me to talk to Heike. Maybe she's hoping that Heike can talk some sense into me. It wouldn't be the first time.

My friend's sister (B) has the same perinatalogist that the midwife suggested I talk to. She specializes in high risk pregnancies. I visited B after my appointment on Friday. B has a serious congenital heart condition. As in she's had open-heart surgery. Several doctors told her she needs to have an abortion. That her body couldn't handle a pregnancy. This is B's first pregnancy. And she wants her baby. Now she's 33 weeks along. She likes her doctor because while others have encouraged having a c-section now, the doctor is wanting to wait...until B's heart shows signs of distress. She still needs to plan for a c-section, BUT that can wait. It's better to have a full term baby if B's body continues to respond well. Oddly enough, just knowing that piece of information about the doctor calmed me. She's not over-reactive.

And I got a tour of the birthing rooms from the charge nurse. I like her. Maybe she'll be on duty when Kira comes. I've figured out a place where the pediatric team can be in the room (in a little entryway) and be close to Kira and equipment when she comes and not have a direct view of me. Because I'm not like some women who throw modesty out the window when having a baby. Nope. That's not me. And I may have a solution to the monitoring. We'll see how things are going in the moment. Because it's not like they can transfer me as I'm pushing a baby out.

As I pulled out the infant car seat from the garage last night and started to clean it, I began to think about what other preparations I needed to do before Kira comes. Not a whole lot. Just pack my hospital bag. So I did. And I thought about what I was thinking about at 37 weeks with Jocelyn's pregnancy. It's a little bit different this time around. Maybe because of the rapture guy a few weeks ago, I've got this scripture on my mind:
 Matthew 24:36¶But of that aday and bhour knoweth no man, no, not thecangels of heaven, but my Father only.
So, if I really want to have this baby today then I need to make the preparations needed to ensure that I will be ready. Wish me luck. We leave for the graduation in ten minutes.

Lots of excitement on graduation day, but alas, no baby.

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  1. I hope your luck is better than mine, I was hoping to have a baby yesterday.

  2. I loved my perinatologist. She was willing to let me try for a Vbac. That is until I had another abruption and Lily had to be delivered at 29 weeks.

  3. I did a double take when I saw the picture. I was trying to figure out if this was the day Evan was born since you have a very similar picture with Tymon graduating. I love you lots and hope all goes well with the birth of Kira. We've been praying for you and the baby everyday.


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