July 1, 2011

Birth Story: Evan, The Fourth - A Home Birth

The day Evan joined our family, we had a full day planned. We attended an early church service and then Graeden and I went with Tymon to his baccalaureate degree graduation from the University of Washington. Elliott and Jett stayed with my parents. I think just walking to and from the parking lot into the pavilion is what did me in. That and chasing after a 3 year old during the ceremony.

Afterward, we dropped by Jett's birth mother's old house to see if her brother still lived there. He did. We talked for a bit and he gave us his parents' address so we could continue sending letters to them on Jett's birthday. Then we went to a graduation barbecue at one of Tymon's classmates house. When we arrived, I wasn't feeling very well. I said hello and asked to use the restroom...maybe I was car sick? This classmate is from Eritrea in East Africa and along side the burgers there were some traditional dishes. I tried a couple of them. But seriously wasn't feeling well and made Tymon finish my plate. I told Tymon I wanted to leave and it seriously wasn't because I didn't know anyone. I just didn't feel good.

As an aside: the most hilarious part of the evening was talking to an American black guy who sat with us while we ate. Because nearly everyone (various friends and neighbors) was black and from Eritrea, several of them also saw that he was black and started to talk to him in their native language. That had never happened to him before and he looked at them with a blank face and explained that he only spoke English. Hearing him tell about these conversations was hilarious. Ha ha.

As we walked to the car I had a contraction. Not just any contraction. Like a labor contraction. We planned to have a home birth with Evan so we got in the car and headed home. I didn't want to call Heike, yet. I wanted to time the contractions just to make sure they were regular and this was really labor...because seriously...my babies, even the adopted ones, are late. Timing put me at 2 weeks before my due date. I didn't believe I was really in labor though. Just a little nauseous. It took us about 15 minutes to get the freeway and I'd had 3 good contractions. We called Heike. Unfortunately for me, Heike had just delivered her 7th or 8th baby in a row and was exhausted. The other midwife I'd seen had just moved the week before to Montana and so another midwife came with the a couple of assistants who I did know.

We dropped off Graeden and my mom came back to our house with us. As I labored in the tub, my mom told me stories. Two stand out. The first was about her great or maybe great great aunt or grandmother or someone like that who had been a midwife in the 1800s. I think I'll have to get the story again during my next labor, though because I'm pretty foggy on any real details aside from what I've just written.

The second story was really a question. She asked me if I'd had heartburn during the pregnancy. Why yes, yes I had. My ordinarily non-superstitious mother proceeded to tell me that my baby would have hair because heartburn = hair. I couldn't believe it. Seriously, Mom? Since when have you ever believed any of those old wives tales???

I was exhausted after such a long day and wanted a nap. Tymon and my mom helped me out of the tub so I could lay down. As soon as I got out I had a contraction and leaned against the bathroom counter. My water broke. Or burst. And it was full of meconium. At least I was still in the bathroom and clean up was easy. I was still too tired to move and had one more contraction. I used it to push and Evan was born at 10:25 pm. With hair. Huh? I have bald babies. Seriously? Hair? My mom hadn't been telling me a story?

Midwife, assistant, me and Evan, another assistant.
Evan had some other signs that he was full term and not "early." Like his size. He was nearly 8 pounds and 21.5 inches long and had finger prints, which usually come later for pre-term babies. Plus, the vernix had sloughed off. 

Me exhausted with Jett and Evan, my Irish twins, just 9 ½ months apart.
Looking back, I believe that Heavenly Father gave us these extra two weeks with Evan on earth because He knew his time with us would be short. So, it's probably the best sign ever that Kira has not arrived early. Despite not wanting another hospital experience, I will survive my next birth story and Kira will come out

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  1. I LOVE that last picture... it really puts into perspective the short 9 1/2 months between the two boys! Thank you for taking the time to post your birth stories... I've really enjoyed reading them. I'll be looking forward to Kira's story when the time comes.

  2. I too love that last picture. So sweet! What an amazing person you are! Did you have Kira at home too? I thought I remembered you saying something about the hospital when we talked. If I ever took a picture of me laboring like that I would look worse than a cow and you loOk amazing!

  3. Thank you :o). Kira had some heart issues and so I had to deliver her in the hospital just in case she needed extra attention at the birth. She was fine, though. I could have delivered her at home. It's just the unknown that made that not an option.


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