July 9, 2011

Breakfast Blues

I originally thought I should title this post, "Labor of Love," but didn't when I realized that many of you checking my blog daily are actually waiting for news on my labor of Kira. Ha ha. I'm still pregnant. Kira seems to love her safe and warm home and though I think all day every day that "this may be the day," she doesn't appear to want to move out any time soon. So for now, while I patiently wait, I continue moving forward with life. 
These days Kira likes to push her bum up into the right side of my rib cage. Bless her.
My new obsession truly is a labor of love. I've been wondering what to do for a while now about the breakfast problem in my home. Well, it's not a problem for anyone but me. No one but me sees the need to change the Johns' family status quo. Let me explain...

Problem #1
My children sneak into the pantry at all times of the day and sneak snacks. Usually it's cereal. And all I need to do is open the pantry door to figure out that they've done it.  The box is usually left on its side or upside down with cereal spilling out all over the place. I wonder at what age they will learn to cover up their tracks. Even my 6 and 7 year old haven't learned that yet.

Problem #2
The more I read on soy, effects of soy in non-traditional forms (pretty much everything besides soy sauce), and genetically modified organisms, the more disturbed I became at its prevalence in most food products in grocery stores. So much so that I'm in agreement with the experts who rather label them as food-like substances rather than real foods with nutritional value. Breakfast cereals are full of sugars, additives I can't pronounce, GMOs and various forms of soy. A couple of months ago, I put my money where my mouth is and stopped buying cereal.

It was hard for me to stop buying cereal because alternatives for breakfast involve effort and a lot of time. I got up a half hour earlier to make the boys breakfast before they left for school and work. Sacrificing my time wasn't all bad. We did eat breakfast together as a family. There's definite value in connecting each morning. And we had a variety of real foods to eat...like scrambled eggs, breakfast burritos, oatmeal, hot cereal, pancakes, toast, muffins, etc. They were good times...but deep down, I kind of like sleeping in a little longer. And now that school's out, I like waking up when my kids do instead of when Tymon leaves for work.

Make my own cereal. I checked out grain puffers...like that you put wheat, rice or corn into and it puffs it up like cereal or snacks. Those are pretty expensive, though. It seemed like I was destined to wake up early and be creative with breakfast the rest of my life. And then I read Carrie's granola post, which has nutritionally inspired me for the past month. And given me freedom and flexibility. We still eat together and I make breakfast a few days a week. But I am relishing this new kick. 
Peanut butter and jelly granola, with honey, almonds, coconut, coconut oil, sunflower seeds, craisins, ground flax seed and cinnamon.

I've experimented with each batch I make. Elliott loved helping me make a peanut butter and jelly version tonight. We used half honey and half jelly for the sweetener. It's good. So so good. Jocelyn sneaks it. Which means that I still have problem #1. But I really like that problem #2 has gone away. I haven't saved time since I still need to make the granola...but I can do that in the evening with my kids instead of in the morning when I'd rather be laying in bed.

8 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. that looks so good... and i love the peanutbutter part! So i am convinced bek's girl and kira must already be friends, maybe they will come together...

  2. I think you may be right. Ha ha.

  3. We make our own peanut butter using coconut oil--so I am even more excited to try your added version! I have been out of it since we left for Ga and definitely missing this staple in my pantry...but I am now back into the swing of things and ready to make it again. Kai loves PB&J so he might actually eat it, too!

  4. when do you add the peanut butter?

  5. Yum. Sounds good. Give Kira a nudge from me to get out already! She's going to grow out of the outfit we bought her if she doesn't get her soon!

  6. Good for you! I haven't bought cereal since back when I posted about becoming a granola mom... But I am so not pregnant and have a couple less kids! But isn't it fun how much the kids get into making food with you? Recently we discovered breakfast banana splits. They are amazing! bananas, yogurt (we make our own a lot of the time) and whatever wonderful fruits you'd like to add, our faves are blueberries, kiwis and strawberries (but Lucy prefers cantaloupe) Anyway, they are pretty good, too. And really quick and you can add a bit of granola on top for a crunch. Ooh, and sometimes I dream about ginger granola. So good! (Sorry for the long comment, I feel strongly about good breakfasts, and love it when others take up the cause.) Good luck with baby Kira today!

  7. After reading this I just think.. I so am not a good mom!

  8. P.S. How do you look So good pregnant? Your belly is the only thing big on you!


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