July 7, 2011

Off Balance

Nah, it's not my mind that's out of whack. Well, maybe it is. But that has nothing to do with me slipping down a couple of stairs this evening. Two stairs. One broken toe. Ouch. I thought it was the same toe that I've broken 7 or 8 times in the last 30 years. I originally broke it when I was 5 and it's been weak ever since. Every so often when I land on it wrong or abuse it in some miniscule way, it breaks again. Then I looked at it this evening and compared it with the other one. Um, yeah. My scar from the original accident/break was on the other foot. So this is the first time I've broken this toe. Which is totally random to me.

Picture my swagger now. Imagine a nice prego waddle. Throw in a little swing to get a hip back in line. And finish it up with a pop up for my limp. Yeah. It rocks. Ha ha.

My conversation with Jocelyn, the sweetest 2.75 year-old ever...

Jocelyn: Are you hurt Mommy?
Me: Yup
J: Aww. (Kisses my foot.) I sorry. 
Me: Will you get me Boo Bunny (a small ice pack)?
J: Yeah! (Runs out.)

J: (Immediately runs back in.) Mommy, I have to go potty!
Me: Go!
J: Otay! Then I get Boo Bunny.
Me: Thank you!
J: Here Mommy! (Returns with the bunny and a teether frog she found in the freezer.)

I just love her compassion.

5 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Smart kid. Teethers are perfect for toes, especially if they are the type that have a hole in the middle. Just put it on your toe, and you don't even have to hold it (I do believe you may have a tiny little problem with bending down)...

  2. I do have a problem bending down...but luckily Jocelyn doesn't! She helped me get the teether under my toe and put the bunny on top. It was perfect. Although it hurts still and is a nice shade of purple and pink.

  3. Praying for you!!! Can't believe the day is....almost(!) here! <3

  4. Using cheap labor force, good for you!!! (and, she's closer to the ground, less bending down to do)
    My toe hurts for you - but you have perfect timing, I must say!

  5. I keep thinking when I see a new post from you that it will be an announcement of Kira's birth. I'm sorry to hear about your toe. I fell down our stairs in our townhouse when I was pregnant with Carsen and I was carrying Braeden (19 mos. old at the time). I don't know if I broke my toe, but it had some pretty colors, too!


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