August 25, 2011

The Bucket

My boys look forward to picking blueberries with my friend and her four boys each summer. As in, it's the highlight of the summer. Chelsea and I were under the impression that it was because they can eat as many berries as they want while we pick. Yesterday we found out otherwise. They love to run around the bushes and even found a "swamp" or mud hole to play in.

Out in the blueberry bushes there are no toilets, which isn't a problem because we are only there for an hour and a half. Not so long at all. So when Jett told me he needed to go to the bathroom I wasn't concerned. Uh, go in the tall grass over there. Nope. He needed a toilet to do a little bit more than water the grass. I asked him to wait an hour and go at home. And he ran off happily calling to me, "Okay Mom!"

Not more than ten minutes later I heard Jett upset and exclaiming that one of his brothers had pooped in his blueberry bucket. One of his brothers. Right. That would have been a little more believable had he not just told me that he needed to do that very thing. Being the super mom that I am, I took him to a private place and asked him to pull down his pants. Since there was no paper in the bucket a simple visual test was sufficient to determine that Jett, in fact, was telling the truth. And we tossed the turd into the tall grass.

I'll be honest with you. I'm pretty good at solving mysteries. Looking at the clues surrounding this one my next interview interrogation was with Jocelyn.

Me: Jocelyn, did you poop in Jett's bucket?
Jocelyn: Yeah!

Mystery solved. Except sometimes a lot of times Jocelyn will say yes or no to doing something that she had no part of. Both Elliott and Graeden were horrified when I asked them if they'd done it. I mean, they were running around with their friends. That would have been so embarrassing if they'd done that. Ha ha. Remember this incident? I know they aren't too embarrassed to do anything in front of their friends.

I found myself stealing borrowing the bucket since there was no way I was admitting to the blueberry lady what my kids had done. I'll bring it back later all cleaned up when I go to pick more blueberries.

Tymon was the man of the hour when we arrived home. He was helping Jocelyn in the bathroom and I heard him exclaim, "Jocelyn! Gross!" Apparently she had feces on her panties. Mystery solved. And next time you go blueberry picking, make sure you wash the berries, even if they are organic. You just NEVER know what's gone on in your bucket.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Oh my word! That's hilarious! You have the most hilarious stories to tell Bridget! Warning noted.

  2. My brother thinks I have so many stories because of my stellar parenting skills. Or lack there of. Sometimes I get those two attributes mixed up. Whatever. I'm thinking he needs a few boys in his family to really get the party started.

  3. Ew Ew Ew. Duly noted for next year's blueberry picking. :o)


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