August 14, 2011

Injury vs. Natural Consequence

Last week, we had some friends over for a barbecue. We were on the deck chatting while the kids were running around. I am a fairly mellow parent when it comes to letting my kids climb all over everything, so I wasn't very concerned when the kids said that Drew had gone through the nets surrounding the trampoline. We've got boys. They're always destroying something. And actually, it's nice that someone else's kid ruined something of ours. Because usually, it's the other way around with our kids wrecking stuff that isn't ours. I didn't even look at it. Our friends were offering to buy a new net. I thought we could probably just have Drew come over with fishing line and sew it up.

Then I saw the net. And Drew was holding his head. Because he was hurt. I felt bad. Instead of planning the fix-it phase I should be watching for signs of a concussion. Regular destruction is one thing...a head injury is different. 

Our boys had previously torn the bottom of the net so we thought it best to have them do the sewing. A natural consequence to them ripping the net and crawling under it. I taught Graeden and Elliott how to sew with a big needle and they got one of the lower tears fixed. Tymon helped with the big ones. It took a few days to finish all of the rips, but it's now done and the trampoline is back in service. Yay!

And the best part is that Drew is doing well!

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