August 30, 2011

Operation Gentle Johns

The clavicle, or collarbone, is the most commonly broken bone in the human body. It doesn't fully ossify (become hard bone) until 21-25 years of age. Symptoms of a broken clavicle may not be noticed immediately. Within about a week, a lump (callus) will develop around the bone that is healing. Sometimes, this lump is the only sign of a fracture in a baby.

Why the run down on clavicles? Kira has a fractured one. I noticed a callus while nursing on Friday. First thing Saturday I made an appointment to see the pediatrician later that morning. We went in. Had an x-ray. I was surprised to find out that her clavicle was broken. And since it's also showing signs of healing, so it happened maybe a week or two ago. Really?

How did this happen? Seriously. I have no idea. Which is odd because Kira and I are attached. Almost always. It's pretty hard to try and pinpoint the when and how it happened when Kira, besides being a little fussy lately, is fairly mellow. I've come up with some theories. Revolving around a little too much love.

#1 - Perhaps, her ever-lovin'-toting-her-'round-the-house sister dropped her.
#2 - Perhaps, her eager-to-get-her-out-of-her-car-seat brother yanked her arm out of the strap too hard.

And the other night I was reminded of Jocelyn's new trick. It's called get out of the car seat and wander around the car while mom is driving. If we're in a neighborhood when this happens and no other cars are around then I will slow to about 5 mph and then do a quick stop. The boys' seat belts lock and Jocelyn gets a little jolt. My intentions being that they all learn how seat belts keep us safe. But now I'm wondering if...

#3 - Perhaps, Kira's natural-consequence-teaching mother stopped too quickly and she shared in Jocelyn's jolt.

In a way it's nice to not know who did what to cause Kira's injury. We are treating it like anyone could have done it and sharing the responsibility. Last night in our family council we embarked on Operation Gentle Johns. It goes something like this:

  • We are a kind and gentle family. 
  • We protect Kira and take special care to make sure she is safe. 
  • Jocelyn doesn't pick her up. 
  • Only mom and dad take Kira out of her car seat. 
  • And mom will find a gentler way to get Jocelyn back into her car seat while driving.

By extension, Operation Gentle Johns also includes being gentle with our brothers even if they upset us. And we want to hit them. Or kick. Or call names. The Johns family doesn't do any of that. We are gentle. We are kind. We are respectful.

Thus far, the boys have been increasingly concerned for Kira's safety. Not that they weren't before. They sort of were. They took care to support her head and were gentle. Then they'd fight over who got to hold her next. And try to take her from the other arms. As if she was a doll.

There's been none of that the last few days. I'm so happy that they are taking Kira's injury seriously. I'm also happy that Kira is healing and able to move her arms without difficulty or pain.

5 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I have never heard of that! :( I'm so glad she's healing and doing well! I like your idea on the gentleness plan -- my family could use a bit of that as well. The youngest kids always get fought over like dolls at our house too.

  2. Poor baby.

    Brigham gets out of the carseat all the time too. MAKES. ME. CRAZY.

  3. I'm surprised my children haven't done any serious wounding like that to each other. Babies are, for the most part, pretty tough thankfully.

    I'm glad Kira is healing, and I think we need to have a gentleness plan as well.

  4. Poor Kira! Roger was telling me. I am wondering if they can tell how long it has been broken? Could it have broen during birth? Could it be that old? I think it is always a good thing to have a gentleness plan. I wish I would have done that with my kids when Jacob was born.

  5. They think it broke a few weeks ago. The healing isn't advanced enough for it to have been done at birth. Our gentleness plan seems to be hit and miss. Sometimes they get it and sometimes they don' my utter frustration!


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