August 24, 2011

Traditional Anniversary Gifts with a Twist

Today Tymon and I celebrate 9 years of marriage. And by today, I mean that we're really going to celebrate tomorrow. We've got reservations at the Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls. I'm looking forward to it. Especially  the dinner. We went there the night Tymon proposed and enjoyed a truly wonderful meal in a private room overlooking the falls. Remember the purple potatoes I wrote about last year? We ate them first the night we got engaged.

For presents, Tymon and I stick pretty closely to the traditional and modern anniversary gift lists. And by close, I mean we twist them to suit our needs. Like a couple of years ago for our 7th anniversary the list told us that we should give each other desk sets. Well, we had moved several months earlier and our home office consisted of a couple of folding tables and chairs. So instead of desk sets, we got a set of desks.

Please don't look at my messy desk...I can find almost everything I need.
This year, Tymon got me the traditional gift of pottery. And by pottery, I mean this Circulon set of pots.
I love them. A lot. I made some blueberry jam in one tonight and I was smiling the entire time. Except when I slipped off my stool and nearly twisted my ankle. Hard. Instead, I just got a floor burn on my palm and probably have a huge bruise on my bum. I'm afraid to look at it. 

But this is a tangent. Focus Bridget. Focus!

Happy Anniversary Tymon!

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