September 10, 2011

The Circus Tradition

Sometimes, I think we aren't the cool family with lots of traditions. Then I remember that we are actually super cool and go to the circus just about every year. And buy licorice ropes. And let the kids eat them. Even though they are doing the no sweets challenge again in 2011 (only eating treats on holidays and family birthdays).

Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus 2011

Of all the possible traditions to choose from, part of me wonders why we chose this one. Maybe because it's fun. The kids love the animals, clowns and motorcycle cage and especially eating licorice. I like going on opening night and only paying half price for the tickets. There's also another reason that floats in and out of my subconscious. We went to the circus with Evan. Just a couple of weeks before he died. And somehow moving forward in life and doing the same activities now we did with him then makes me happy. And the memories cement in my heart and mind. The little details of life with him are slipping. I find myself grasping to remember. And I think that's why we have traditions. To help us remember.

Evan and Tymon - Circus 2008
New to the circus this year: Baby Kira and Uncle Brett, Aunt Katie and Cousin Jackson (who was too involved with the show to look at the camera). We sat in two rows with 4 seats in each. I couldn't sit in our balcony front row. I was too nervous that someone would bump me and I'd drop Kira. So Tymon sat there with our boys while we with wee ones were a bit higher. Phew!

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