September 13, 2011

Digging Deeper

Jen, CPS - Social Worker III

Bridget, The allegation is “Negligent Treatment or Maltreatment” due to Kira having a broken clavicle with no explanation provided at the time of the intake.  Both you and Tymon are subjects on this intake. I wanted to let you know that I spoke to your children at school today and according to the RCW (#26.44.030) I need to notify you at the “earliest possible point in the investigation” which was when I returned to my office around 2:30 when I called you and left you a message.   I was hoping to speak to you on the phone or in person regarding the next issue. There has been a 72 hour intake received with regards to Evan Johns. The same protocol in reference to the above allegations will need to take place with this current allegation.  I would like to meet with you and your husband and talk about the intakes. With most referrals there are allegations and findings. This particular intake regarding Evan alleges “negligent treatment or maltreatment” with both you and Tymon as “subjects” in the referral. I hope we can meet with regard to these intakes in order to resolve these current allegations. Thank you.

What?! Interviewing my children without my knowledge? Hoping to do what? Find out that I say stupid things like, "clean your room or suffer a beat down"? Because I do say things like that. Much to my dismay. That kind of talk is now over. If you ask my kids if we beat them, they'll probably say yes. Because in their limited scope, they think a beat down is a spanking. Children don't understand the real definition when we don't use the proper terms. Our next step is to show our kids some photos of abused children. Then they will know how safe they are with us and that we've never given them anything close to beating.
 If the CPS worker stood at the kid's bus stop in the morning I'm sure she could bring a case against every one of those families based on the stories they tell of their kids. -Tymon Johns
And why open up a case for Evan? Three years after the fact? 

We live with fear. That CPS will flex the only power they have: taking away our children. "Intake" is what we called it at the RedCliff Ascent Wilderness Therapy program when a new teen would come into the program.  

I read Jen's email when Tymon, Kira and I were out last night. I was afraid to come home. Thinking that the police would be at my door. With a warrant. Ready to take my kids. To where ever they take kids. And we would wait up to 3 days before we could talk to a judge. My sister-in-law read the email for me. Did a Google search and found that that "intake" may mean they are opening a case. And not that they are necessarily coming for our kids. 

When we picked up the kids, I dried my tears and had my dad take a family photo...just in case it was my last one. No police were here, though. Our house was silent. And we're still together. Which makes me happy. The thought of my kids being taken from me is terrifying.

That means we'll get a second chance for a better photo. This was the best shot that was taken last night. Jett's eyes were closed (asleep) in most of them. Jocelyn was angry the entire time. I'd woken her up and found that she pooped her pants so she got a bath and wouldn't put any clean clothes on. Graeden kept putting toys in front of his face or Jocelyn's. Anyway, the bottom line is that we'll get a better family photo. Soon.

And after receiving and reading a copy of Evan's police investigation records today, I'm happy to say that even though it was originally classified as "suspicious circumstances" that the case was fully investigated and closed as a terrible accident. After talking to a lady at the police department, I'm relieved. 

The doctor at Children's who is telling me Kira needs to have XYZ tests because Evan's death was "suspicious" actually didn't even read the report. If he had, he'd know that it wasn't.

The drama escalates, accelerates and lulls. And we get the feeling our story is meant for more than just us.

10/7/11 Update
CPS Investigation Result: Unfounded

10 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. HI Bridget and Tymon
    Great chatting with TYmon this evening....albeit not happpy about the circumstances.
    I hope the lawyer info I supplied will be of help to your family.
    Know we in Canada are pulling for you all and the injustice being heaped upon your family.
    Much love and prayers.
    Karen (Matthew and Marc who are as ticked off as I am!)

  2. Hi Bridget!
    I know that I don`t write so often as I would like, but reading this it makes me sad and I can`t believe what is happening to you and your family.
    I don`t know your husband and your kids, but I know YOU and you are the most kinder, cheerful and beautiful person that I have ever met in my life.
    You helped me and my family more than you will ever realize and therefore I know that you are a good mother and a wife. My thoughts are with you.
    Love you all.

  3. My dear Bridget, this is a parents worse nightmare! I've worked with the system as a Child Psychologist when I lived in Hawaii, and I can guarantee you there is no way that you will lose your children if they do their jobs correctly. Always remember Heavenly Father loves you. And if you need ANYTHING you let me know! Love you all.

  4. Oh Bridget! I would be going insane with everything happening. You guys are the most loving and selfless people I know! You are awesome examples of what parents should be like!! You have many people on your side and willing to do whatever it takes to let others who are not so smart know what awesome, caring, loving, and NON VIOLENT people you are! Praying for you!

  5. Ugh! I'm finding myself speechless. The whole situation is unbelievable! Needless to say, we'll be saying extra prayers on behalf of you and your family. :O

  6. thank you for your open ness about this. i can't believe your optimism in everything. i am praying for you guys.

  7. Oh Bridge... what a year this has been. I am praying for you and your family that this all works out and blows over. I'm so sorry you are having to go through this and admire your strength. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Hugs and Love, Julie

  8. Hi Bridget, this is terrible. We are praying that everything works out for you! Call me when you can chat.

  9. Bridget, it's about time I read your blog to know more in detail what is going on with the CPS thing. It is bad when they get on your trail. You almost don't want to go to the doctor if an injury isn't totally life threatening.

    I was touched when you had me take the family picture in case they were to take the baby. It is because we both believe CPS could and would do that on any whim they chose, even with a nursing baby with physical issues surrounding the heart that required you to deliver at the University Hospital next door to Children's Hospital where they could do surgery if necessary right after birth. A lot of good a foster mom could do for Kira!

    I'd like to add that you were our problem child when it came to taking family pictures. You loved to pull faces or close your eyes or look away from the camera. I'm sorry for you that heavenly justice has given you similar off spring.


  10. I can't say anything because this all makes me so mad!!


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