September 20, 2011

Hand of God: Heike

Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch us today? Absolutely. Today it was through the the best midwife on the planet, Heike. It was time for my 6 week follow up visit...first delayed by a birth and then for an entire month while she was in the Dominican Republic getting married. We had a lot to talk about. Kira's birth. Kira's clavicle. Kira's brain bleed. CPS.

It took a moment for Heike to comprehend what I said about CPS investigating us. When my words clicked, her eyes grew wide and she dropped the f-bomb. Then immediately apologized. Her uncensored reactions endear her to me. 

Heike gave me some wild information. She told me that lots of babies have brain bleeds. That's the reason why they are given vitamin K at birth. I had no idea how common it is. She learned more about brain bleeding from an in depth conversation with a local neonatologist. Long story short. A baby she delivered at the birth center started seizing about 5 hours after birth. She took him to the hospital (a couple blocks away from the birth center). He had a brain bleed and the clot got to the part of the brain in charge of seizing.

Short story a study done by the University of North Carolina, 26% of babies born vaginally had brain bleeds. The bleeding doesn't seem to have any adverse affects on the baby and goes away on its own. But it does happen. All the time. I'm pretty sure Jen and Kristen at CPS don't know this. And I'm wondering if Dr. Feldman, knows about this, too. He didn't mention it to Jen. Only said the bleed may have happened as a result of Kira being dropped by a sibling. What I need to do tomorrow when I'm at Children's for Kira's follow-up echo is to talk to the radiologist and see if she can date the bleed beyond "likely older than one week". Maybe it's a birth injury.

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