September 3, 2011

Non-Open Door Policy

This morning, I discovered that our basement door was open all night.  My boys and I discussed  the fact that animals could just walk right into the house. Then Elliott says, "but a giraffe couldn't have come in," and Jett chimed in, "or a cheetah."

My boys are brilliant! Ha ha. Our first summer here, I found the basement door open a couple of times. I think the scurrying in our walls and droppings in the basement were from a friendly mouse who just waltzed right in. I think he ate the little green pellets I left for him and walked out our open door, though. I found a dead mouse in the flower bed not long after that and haven't seen any evidence of his residence again.

So wouldn't you know it, this afternoon the boys left the front door open (not a surprise) and in flew a bird. Poor guy. He flew into the window a couple of times not understanding why he couldn't get out. Jett thought we should get a ladder out. We waited a bit, but the bird just stayed by the window looking sad. So, Tymon did get out the ladder, picked him up and carried him outside. Each one of the kids got to pet him before Tymon set him free. Yay! We're glad he's okay.

To our friends, our door is always open. To wild-life, I like the concept of a non-open door policy.

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