September 15, 2011

Non-sedated Infant MRI

What would we do without social networks? Seriously. I love 'em.

One of the persistent demands of CPS has been to get Kira's brain imaged. We've politely declined a CT scan. Several times. About a week and a half ago, Dr. Feldman, the non-accidental trauma doctor, suggested that an MRI would work and there wouldn't be any radiation. But there would be sedation. Also not an option. What I needed was a non-sedation option for the MRI. It took 9 days for Children's hospital to not answer my questions before I turned to my social network.

A friend I've known for at least 20 years studied radiology a few years ago and is now working at Children's Hospital. I asked her if we could do a non-sedated MRI. She asked the guy that does them. Yup. Amazing. Going through the regular channels to get information was so frustrating. Call a friend and it's done right away. Thank you Heidi! 

For non-sedated infant MRIs, they do what's called a fast and feed. Basically, this morning I fed Kira at 6:30 am and then nothing until early afternoon. I fed her when we arrived so she'd be sleepy for the test. And she was sleepy, for the most part. But alert for some of it, too. And she behaved beautifully. I am happy she did so well, because I didn't have a plan B if it didn't work. I do not want to expose her to unnecessary risk. 

Heidi was also able to get me copies of the skeletal survey Kira did in August. I left the building feeling successful and happy we could do the test on my terms and get records to help us. In the survey report the doctor and her resident doctor both note that Kira's fracture could be a birth injury. I called Tymon right away. Combining that with my delivery record means that Kira probably broke her clavicle at birth. Yay!

I came home to find several messages on my phone.
1. The Children's social worker who was supposed to coordinate my question asking with various departments. Uh, yeah, you're a little late.
2. Then a neuro-radiologist. Yup. Late, too.
3. Then Dr. Feldman. Kira has some "sub-acute bleeding in her head" and that the healing on her collarbone "would indicate that it was not from the time of the newborn period." Insert expletive here.
4. And last, Jen (CPS social worker) wanted to discuss the MRI results.

How come everyone sees the results of the test before me? I would really like to work with those investigating Kira's injuries. It's just that every time I turn around we're being accused of abuse. And the communication happens all around us instead of with us. I feel like I'm fighting to gain access to the inner circle. Boo!

10/7/11 Update
CPS Investigation Result: Unfounded

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  1. Wow. That is so much to go through. I'm so glad you're documenting this so others can learn from your horrible experience, because really this could happen to ANYONE! Good luck fighting The Man!

  2. I still am irked about the whole thing because I know that you would NEVER do anything like that to your children. Can't they see that by all the other kids you have and there aren't any injuries to any of them? I just don't get it! Hope everything works out for your family!

  3. I just heard about this from my mom. Sorry I haven't been up on the blogging. I started my thesis writing class for my masters this fall. But I'm there for you babe. I can't believe all this is happening! Get a lawyer NOW! No matter what it costs! He needs to be there fighting for you.

  4. I could say a lot and get mad! You should read my original post on my blog about my experience! I am sorry! I was sure since you hadn't called or e-mailed that it was over! So let me guess from the bled the now assumed you for sure did abuse het! What craziness!!!


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