September 24, 2011

Play by Play Angel Day

Angel Day 2011

4:45 am - wake up early to nurse Kira.
5:15 am - get dressed, rummage around my closet and find the $200 car key I lost last November!
6:00 am - on the road and praying for fluid speech during my presentation later that morning.
6:15 am - practice speaking out loud - "Classroom Activities: How to Fool Any Teen into Learning"
6:30 am - constructive self-critique
6:31 am - nausea sets in
7:45 am - arrive at conference and test my presentation on the big screen
10:05 am - fumble for a minute
10:06 am - show one of my favorites
10:07 am - squeal like the last guy in the commercial, find my confidence and proceed with an awesome interactive presentation (Kira behaved ideally)
10:53 am - cut our last activity short as I've only got 2 more minutes
11:45 am - lunch break or rather my chance to leave the conference early
11:45 - 12:05 pm - talked to a handful of teachers about various classroom activities
12:10 pm - discovered a parking ticket in my brother's highly recommended "free parking spot"
1:30 pm - taped my ticket to my brother's computer (he was still at the conference and hadn't yet discovered his)
2:15 pm - meeting at my office
3:57 pm - call from neighbor - our boys outside playing for a couple hours - the school ignored our note for childcare plans (ride a different bus after school)
4:00 pm - picked up one of our new driver's ed vehicles from the dealer
2012 Mustang - pending wrapping and dual controls
4:05 pm - Tymon came home early
5:45 pm - arrive home and feed Kira
6:30 pm - pick up Jocelyn from friend's house 
6:45 pm - hide and seek in cemetery and reading Evan's story with beautiful river view

7:45 pm - dinner at McDonald's
7:55 pm - "Hey Mom, at least your Big Mac doesn't have plastic in it!" -Graeden
7:56 pm - me trying to calm my stomach - haven't had a Big Mac since December 6, 2010
8:45 pm - arrive home, read scriptures, sing bedtime songs, Elliott tickled Kira's toes and she laughed for the first time. Two times. So cute.
9:30 pm - try to make blog post
9:45 pm - could only upload photos
10:00 pm - fell into bed and was fast asleep

Angel day was packed. Not on purpose or by design. It just happened. And grief takes a back seat. Waiting to come around some other day.

5 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. What sweet pictures. I'd love to see that book about Evan sometime. Is it still available to see online? I love seeing the blanket I made for Kira in the picture. Love you and thinking about you.

  2. Just got caught up to your blog from 9/10 till now. Holy Shit. Now aren't I frickin' adorable?

    My experience with CPS is being in their care. Taken away from parents at 8 1/2; adopted at 10. I was abused. Your kids are not.

    There were some loving CPS adults in my life. I'm sure they still exist. Try to keep your head up, kid. I love and pray for you. I am always up to talk; as I am recovering from back surgery. I still have your #; I'll give you a call soon. HUGS!

  3. Girl! I don't know how you do it!... Yes I do. You're a fighter and a survivor!

  4. I am loat! What was the conference for? I think I need to start later! E-mail me an update! I am concerned! Was this a good day then?

  5. That was supposed to say lost. I realize more now. What a special thing to do. Have pictures at his grave. Where was he buried? I too, would like to see his book. I once again am sorry for your loss.


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