October 12, 2011

Amox Rash

Sweet little Kira's ears are infected...since last week. We got her on amoxicillin and she felt better for a time. She's also one of the lucky few who get to experience an amox rash. The rash doesn't necessarily mean that Kira's allergic to the drug. Apparently, it's more about the bacteria that's causing the infection and how it doesn't like the amoxicillin getting up in its face so they fight it out.

We got a new antibiotic today. I hope she likes it better. And sleeps through the night. She's been up the past two nights. I don't like that very much. Last night we lost her binkie. Of course it was after the other kids were in bed so I didn't want to wake them up to make a store run. So I was her binkie all night long. Ugh.

The exciting news is that Kira is gaining weight. Not a lot mind you, but at least she's not stagnant anymore. I bought a kitchen scale so I could keep track of it at home. She started eating better last Friday. The same day we got the "unfounded" CPS allegations letter. Makes me think s few of Kira's problems are stress-induced. And now that I'm breathing easier I'm making creamier milk. Yes!

6 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Well, judging by the pictures, Kira looks like a nice, chubby baby to me (although a bit "colorful"). But I do understand the frustration of non-moving weight. I'm sure that now (post-Friday) she will gain more weight - stress never helped anybody!

  2. Jared got the experience the Amox rash as well. Horrible. I feel for you! <3

  3. is it creamier milk or just way sweeter with all that candy you've been consuming? Hope she continues her weight gain!

  4. Oh, poor little Kira. I hope it clears up soon and that she gets over the infection!

  5. Peter just had the same rash last month. He looked horrible, but it didn't seem to bother him. People certainly gave both of us strange looks for being in public with such contagious looking skin.

  6. I hope she feels better soon and that everyone can get enough sleep!


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