October 8, 2011

CPS Investigation: Unfounded

I couldn't scan the letters fast enough. And oddly enough, my anxiety didn't decrease after reading that "the allegations of abuse and neglect against you are unfounded." For both Kira and Evan. I should be happy. And I am. But the feeling of uneasiness is still with me.

I guess I also wanted an apology note attached to it. Something like this...

Dear Mrs. Johns, 
We apologize for trying to rip apart your family and for the undue stress our false accusations inflicted upon you these past couple months. We understand that you had to force feed yourself, had difficulty nursing Kira and ended up losing ten pounds. While this is regrettable, there is a bright side! At least you lost some of the baby weight. 
Because we don't have children and are consequently perfect parents, we felt it our duty to inform you of child-rearing best practices. We're sorry that we misinterpreted what you said about allowing Graeden and Elliott to pick up Kira. You are correct, that is actually not the same as allowing them to "rough house" with her. Thank you for your diligent research and the time and effort you spent collecting your family's records. If it weren't for that we never would have known how much certain doctors twisted the facts into their own false accusations.
Please be on your best behavior for the next 6 years. If you are, we will destroy these records. If someone else falsely accuses you, we'll have to keep them around for a while.
Kindest Regards,
Your Big-Hearted Social Workers

A letter like this wouldn't be too much to ask for would it? We've now gotten records from Children's Hospital. They kept them until after the investigation was finished...like keeping the payer of the bills in the dark is a great idea. That's not right. In them I found that my description of the our kids' interactions with Kira (Elliott carrying her) was translated as "rough housing". Really? That really irks me. Rough housing with an infant would cause serious injury and likely death. Kira has never been rough housed. 

Part of me just wants to be done with this whole ordeal. Another part, larger than the first, wants the record corrected. I don't want to meet these falsehoods down the road and have them bite us in the butt. I also wonder what the CPS and Sheriff's office reports say. Don't worry, I've requested those, too. 

The next line of our letter after the statement that the allegations were unfounded says that they either didn't happen or there was insufficient evidence to make that determination. I thought that CPS had a guilty until proven innocent mentality. I was wrong. I'm uneasy about our results because it's tainted with the attitude: if you're accused you're guilty. CPS has too much money to terrorize so many families. They shouldn't be allowed to do any investigations of child abuse or neglect unless law enforcement has investigated wrong doing and charged the parents with a crime. 

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  1. Yay!!! Roger says "the only thing I have to day about that is DUH." Of course they are unfounded. It is so scary that you had to go through all of that!! I am so glad that it is officially over.

  2. Oh for crying out loud. Enough is enough. Hopefully

    You are a fabulous mother!

    Glad it's done.

  3. Bridget, I absolutely love the picture attached with the story, even though I agree that you totally deserve an apology. Kira looks like an easy-going little doll of a baby. I can't believe you were put through all of this, but you fought back in the best way possible and kept your head up. I am very proud of you. Hopefully, this nightmare has come to an end.

    Love you always!

  4. YAY! You have been in our thoughts. Common sense never seams to be used in these organizations.
    Thank goodness it's over!

  5. I'm glad it's resolved and hopefully you can find peace again in your life. I would probably have the record corrected so it's accurate and they can't use that against you in case they try to investigate in the future. You are a wonderful family and I'm sorry you had to go through this. I hope they're picking up the hospital bills for the tests they made you do. Love you lots!

  6. So glad the ordeal is over. An apology would be nice (dream on), and it's horrifying to read your version of one - I knew there was a lot of stress involved for the entire family, but it's always difficult to know exactly how much. Keep that sweet tooth going, you deserve it, and don't forget to brush your teeth.

    PS. I'd want vengeance. On many people and institutions...

  7. @Lori, it does seem like a "duh" situation...except that take little details and blow them out of proportion....like that a toddler who'd been walking 2 months (Evan) had a couple scratches and bruises on his head...thus we must have abused him. I'm just glad the social worker's supervisor has 3 boys and understands children.

    @Jackie, Thank you!
    @Becky, Thank you. I love the photo, too. Elliott has a special bond with Kira.
    @Unknown, Thank you. I still wonder who you are :o).
    @Kristal, Thank you. I haven't seen the bill for the MRI, yet. I haven't paid for the bone survey. I'm trying to figure out how to politely refuse to pay them...and to not let them bill our insurance for them.
    @Tina, Yes, vengeance sounds nice. Ha ha. I'm not sure that will be productive, though. I'm thinking about how to effectively be an instrument of change.

  8. I'm so glad it is over for you! Hopefully you find that way to "politely refuse" to have them bill your insurance for those tests.
    I hope CPS doesn't have to ever examine my kids. Girls or no, bumps and bruises are part of childhood!

  9. Good news! So happy to read this.


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