October 4, 2011

Plump Up

I think it's been about 2.5 years since I resolved to only buy candy for Halloween and Easter. It's been very positive for me. Less positive for my brothers since I eat all of their treats. But overall, I've drastically reduced my consumption and consequently my addiction to candy has just about disappeared.

I think it's safe to say that this week, I've fallen off the not-buying-candy bandwagon. You might even say I jumped off.

It all started innocently enough. With fetal-Kira, I was going in for weekly and then twice weekly non-stress tests. To "pass" a NST, the baby needs to have two accelerated heart rates. Those come from movement or in response to contractions. Well Miss Kira was always asleep during the tests. And I'd have to sit there with the monitor on for a long time. At least 45 minutes and once about an hour and a half. It was ridiculous. So I got the bright idea that if I ate some candy right before the test then she would wake up, move and I'd be out of there faster.

I bought some candy. It wasn't Easter. It wasn't Halloween. I justified it plenty. And the justification worked. It's too bad that the candy didn't work on Kira. They used a little buzzer on my belly to wake her up most times.

I don't go to Trader Joe's very often. Just a handful of times per year because there isn't one near my house. But a couple of weeks ago, I was there and remembered that they sell candy without food dye. That's so much better for you than the regular candy with Red #40 and other artificial colors. They also sell Panda licorice (ingredients: molasses, wheat flour, licorice extract, aniseed oil). This is almost "healthy" enough to serve for dinner. Ha ha. So, I bought a bunch of candy. And since it was dye-free, I justified it.

Tymon is in London right now on a business trip. The day before he left was Jocelyn's birthday. When Jocelyn and I were at the store, I picked him up some cinnamon bears (one of his faves) for the trip. And while in the candy aisle, the birthday girl wanted a treat, too. I obliged. And I got me some licorice and sour patch watermelon candy.

Somewhere deep inside of me, 
I had to rebel against my own rule.
It was time. 
I created it. 
I will destroy it. 

Yesterday I was at the store and decided that I needed more licorice. And since the box of mini-Charleston Chews looked good, I picked up some of those, too. In fact, I ate the entire box while writing this post. It's like my "I've had enough" filter is broken. I must consume everything.

Today I saw that Hot Tamales cinnamon candy was on sale for $1 a box. And yes, you guessed it. I bought some and ate them all afternoon while the kids were at school.

I even stay up later than the kids so I can be on the computer and eat candy to my heart's content. It's a travesty. The candy addiction has returned in full force.

I should be disappointed in myself. Except that candy gives me instant satisfaction. I've turned into a sugar monster. Ahhh! This can't be good! Then again, maybe Kira will want to nurse more and plump up with all of my sweet sweet milk.

5 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Sorry to hear it Bridget. I have faith in you. I know you can kick the habit again. :D

  2. I still have half a pack of cinnamon bears. I'll make sure not to bring any home =)

  3. You may want to try some of nature's candy - frozen grapes. We had a large harvest of Thompson green seedless grapes from our garden so we decided to try freezing some. They are delicious - almost like sorbet and fun to snack on. However, do not let them thaw as the consistency isn't great once you've frozen them. I know you can kick this candy habit. You've done a lot harder things. In fact, I'll join you and not have any candy until Halloween. Deal?

  4. I love it because I love candy. I also have not lost any weight since having the babies and I breastfeed both! So I am on a diet and no candy for me-looks good though! Oh and just imagine those tests with 2 babies! I got lots of buzzing!


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