October 10, 2011

Uncomfortable Questions

I logged into Netflix the other day and found this "Recently Watched" screen. Since Tymon is out of town and I didn't watch this show, I was pretty confused. Especially, with the "Scary Suspenseful Psychological Movies" listed right next to it. If you look at Udaan closer you can read the words XXX, Lingerie, Power, Love, Sexy on the cover. It's also unrated. Oh boy! Apparently, I'm a little on edge. I asked Tymon about it. He didn't remember it. I sent him the screen shot. Nope, he didn't watch it. And apparently, Netflix isn't available in Europe.

That means our children, who access our Netflix account for all of their Scooby Doo needs, watched it. What kind of garbage have I allowed into my home?! They only watched it for 4 minutes, but Tymon and I both wanted to know why they turned it off. Did they just realize it wasn't a cartoon? Did they see something inappropriate? Since Tymon can't investigate, it fell to me to find out.

Turns out Udaan is not a cartoon, but rather a Hindi film...with English subtitles. Ha ha. They turned it off because they didn't want to read. Phew! What a relief! I decided to watch it, though. It's a coming of age story that's actually pretty good.

I'm still a little nervous about our computers remembering passwords to Netflix and other media at home. Especially, when my boys and I had a conversation last night about what sex means. I guess I handled that one okay because then they asked me if douche was a bad word. Because Alex and Devan said that it was. How many 6 and 7 year olds know that douche in French means shower? Ha ha. Mine do. I hope I did okay on that one, too. I would prefer they come to me with their questions rather than get questionable information from their friends.

It reminds me of the time when I was 12 and reading a book from the young adult section of the library. I asked my mom what oral sex meant. First, she asked me what I was reading. I think she wanted to know the name of the book. Instead, I read her the passage I didn't understand. Then, she told me what it meant. I don't remember if she took the book away or not.

I do remember a conversation about oral sex, though. She told me that when she went to BYU in the mid-1960s there was a popular saying on the dating scene, "if it's oral, it's moral." That shocked me. Now, after having been a young adult, I understand the use of justifications much better. I'm so glad that part of my life is behind me.

I'm grateful for my mom's example and talking with me about any topic I chose. I always knew I could come to her with my questions.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Netflix makes me nervous. We had a very similar situation not that long ago. So I just established a rule that they have get the "okay" from me before they press the play button. Because they are on there so rarely it's really not a big deal.

  2. That is crazy that that was a popular BYU saying! That makes me just shake my head, but I totally remember what it was like to be a teenager. Everyone was kind of confused and justified things. Yikes, I'm glad I'm done with that phase too!

  3. they have parental controls on netflix it is under account setting. you can restrict which ratings are allowed and what is not.


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