November 29, 2011

Graeden's Baptism

Graeden chose to be baptized last Saturday. I'm so happy for him and that he wants to follow Jesus. We had a beautiful service with family and friends in attendance. Graeden asked Cousin Roger to give the talk about baptism. I'm happy that the bonds we are nurturing with Roger and his family during our yearly camping trip have yielded spiritual fruits. Uncles Brett and JC and cousins Anjah and Amele sang the song "Baptism". Brett accompanied it with the guitar. I just love that song with the guitar. It sounded similar to this one. Cousin Breanna and Nana alternated playing the piano and leading the music.

I spoke about the Holy Ghost and about a few times that I've felt his influence in my life. I chose examples that I thought Graeden could relate to.

1. How I know that it's time to share my testimony on fast and testimony day in church. (My arm hair sticks up and my heart beats fast.)
2. I felt like I needed to correct the mistake of the scout office cashier. When I got to the car and looked at my receipt, I found that she mistakenly charged Graeden's $22.50 shirt as a $1.50 badge.
3. The distinct impression I felt as I read a newspaper ad seeking host families that we were that family for Jovana.

Every time we follow spiritual promptings, we receive blessings. Being blessed with courage and the words to speak when standing in front of others confirms the truth of what we say in our own hearts and minds. Choosing honesty when no one else would know any different builds integrity and trust. Inviting Jovana to live in our home even though we had a LOT going on yielded blessings I probably won't comprehend until the next life.

Mostly, I hope I shared some memorable stories with Graeden. I want him to know that the Spirit frequently guides me in my life. And I feel his presence in a variety of ways and in many settings. Not only that, but I hope Graeden will learn to follow promptings of the spirit as well.

I also did an object lesson about the Holy Ghost that uses refraction to teach how he guides us. If you haven't seen this and need to do a lesson on the Holy Ghost, check it out. Graeden asked me if it was magic after I did it. Nope. But sometimes that's the best way we have to explain how the Holy Ghost works. It's been 3 days since the baptism and Elliott mentioned to me tonight as I was making dinner that when he's baptized, he would like me to do the same talk. He liked it that much! What a sweet boy. It's times like these when I see fruits of my labors that I know something is sinking in and my boys are going to turn out alright.

After Graeden received the gift of the Holy Ghost and we opened our eyes, we found Jocelyn in the middle of the prayer circle. She was so cute. And just doing what we all would have liked to have done, too.

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