November 22, 2011

Moving Along

 I should probably post a little about the last holiday before the next one begins...
I nursed Kira and roasted pumpkin seeds while my family carved pumpkins.
I did help Jocelyn with hers, though. 
And by help, I mean I did it for her.
She took a healthy bite out of the top of it. 
Bless her.
Tymon did his hardest carving to date. 
 I loved it.

We decorated our house.
Went trick or treating.
Bapa dressed up as Broom Hilda to pass out candy.
Graeden shot him with his new gun.
I'm pretty sure Spider-man doesn't carry a gun, though.

Kira is getting stronger and moving a lot more. 
It's been a few weeks since she started rolling over. 
She got pretty worked up over it.
But she does fine now.
Unless we ignore her for more than three seconds.
Occasionally, I've seen her get her bum in the air.
Wondering when she'll get her legs underneath to start rocking.
I just love this little girl.

Life keeps moving along at a steady pace.
Whether I'm ready for it or not.
Mostly, I'm not.

I just ordered a replacement driver's license.
I lost mine.
I think it's somewhere around my house. 
Or car.
It's hiding with my debit card.
And credit card.
And a pile o' cash.

On Friday Jocelyn had a melt down in the fabric store.
I wouldn't buy her a kit to make her own sock monkey.
Kicking and screaming we made our way to the check out counter.
While paying she grabbed a pack of M&Ms and ripped it open.
Candy scattered EVERYWHERE.
I couldn't pay fast enough.
I bolted out the door
With Jocelyn under one arm 
And Kira in her car seat in the other.

That was the last time I saw my wallet.
I noticed it was missing on Saturday.
I searched everywhere.
Prayed to find it.
Searched some more.
Went back to the store and checked out the parking lot.

No one has used my cards, though. 
So it makes me think it's somewhere in my house.
I haven't searched everywhere.
I could clean Jocelyn's room.
That's a chore that needs doing.
And usually yields great finds.

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