December 30, 2011

Christmas High Low

Christmas Eve
Dinner High: A small enough gathering so we could use real plates, bronze-ware, glasses and cloth napkins. No plastic or paper products allowed. Me likey. 

Dinner Low: We got back from seeing Tin Tin later than I thought and our grass-fed beef roast went in the oven late...which meant we ate our salads first and sliced off a piece of roast here and there as it continued to cook the entire time.

Luke 2 Reading High: The shepherds were calm and gentle (read: not fighting). The rambunctious angel calmed down in time to act out her part.
Luke 2 Reading Low:  My dad forgot to bring the old family bible. 

Christmas Morning
Stockings High: Oranges are always a big hit. I'm not sure I know why. We had plenty the night before in the fruit bowl and have plenty there now.
Stockings Low: Sometimes I get confused between Jett's and Elliott's stockings. Luckily Santa always knows whose is whose and got the right gifts in the right stocking.

Presents High: Jocelyn loved her doll house...for about a minute until she saw the boys' aircraft carrier.
Presents Low: Santa went all out on the doll house and sets of Legos and I found a huge set of Rescue Heroes (heroes/aircraft carrier/planes/ships/etc) at a garage sale BUT the kids' favorite presents were all a few dollars and cheaper. Why oh why do we stay up so late getting everything ready? Tymon and I were in bed by 4am...only to rise at 9am - the official start time of Christmas.

Favorite Presents:
Graeden: a bow and arrow
Elliott: a stuffed animal from his grandma Coleen
Jett: Star Wars marshmallow candy stick
Jocelyn: an orange

Church High: Only an hour long service (no Sunday School) and Elliott and Jett got dressed before 9am.
Church Low: Not being able to chat with very many people at church after the service. There were several people home for the holidays that I haven't seen in years.

Dinner High: Dinner was at my brother's house and his wife did the cooking. I brought a couple of salads (Caprese with mango and an orange cucumber with butter lettuce). 
Dinner Low: I was so tired from having stayed up so late that I fell asleep during the puppet show that my boys put on with Nana and Bapa.

Nightly Scripture Reading High: All of the kids were interested in the story (we're reading about Jesus' New Testament miracles right now),
Nightly Scripture Reading Low: except Jocelyn....who usually runs around during scriptures or hides in my room watching cartoons on my iPad.

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