December 3, 2011


It's not just creating babies. I like creating other stuff, too. I made a handbag for Jocelyn last night...because she was looking at messing around with my extra fabric from a second table runner I made. She loves her handbag. It's lots better than putting her drawings in a plastic grocery sack. The only problem is that she wears it around her neck. Maybe I should do a backpack for her next. 

I'm in love with my sewing machine. Not that it's anything special. It's not. But I like it even more than my computer right now. Of course that could also be because my identity was stolen yesterday. I saw a big charge on our online banking page from I thought it was Tymon getting me a birthday present. I got really excited. Then it occurred to me that either this is a really really great present OR it wasn't a valid charge. So I gave him a call.

Me: Did you make a purchase this morning at Piperlime?
Him: What's Piperlime?

Right. So my next step was to call the bank. Then Piperlime. Then the sheriff. Then file and FBI report. Ugh! Not exactly what I planned to do yesterday.  When I went into the bank, they gave me a temporary debit card that I can use in between now and when my new card comes. That was cool. So even though I should be okay against additional usage of my stolen card number, I was way more comfortable just shutting down my computer. Time for stronger security.

I wonder if cyber thieves feel as great creating ripples in our lives as we do creating items that are real and tangible.
Kira's Christmas Stocking I finished a few hours after this post.

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