December 19, 2011


If she can't see me that means I can't see her. Or so she thinks.

I was laughing about Jocelyn "hiding" from me not too long ago when a friend (border patrol agent in Arizona) said unfortunately, it's not just children who do this. He'd been out on patrol not too long ago and saw a grown man trying to hide from him in a bush.

Agent: (in Spanish) Come out. I can see you.
Illegal: (crouches down, covers face with hands and doesn't move)
Agent: I can see you! Come out of there!
Illegal: (doesn't move)
Agent: (pokes him with his nightstick) Come out. I see you.

Really?! Ha ha ha. I want him to take a photo of this next time it happens. I'll put it side by side with Jocelyn's. That's pretty much the whole reason why I'm posting this. Some day she'll get a laugh out of it. Because yes, she truly believes I can't see her in this photo...I'm pretty sure this is the same thought process that tells her I don't know what she's doing when she sneaks open the fridge and take food to eat under her bed. Of course, if she bothered to hide the wrappers, I wouldn't have to know about it.
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3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Remember we used to sneak jello powder and eat it in the attic when we were 3 and 4. We also used to sneak orange juice concentrate from the freezer and eat it. Did mom ever find out?

  2. I'm pretty sure she knew about it. I think she caught us once with the orange juice.

  3. My kids do this too. It always cracks me up!


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