December 10, 2011

Santa Breakfast

One party down. Two to go. Today. Because we're party animals like that. 

Elliott saw Santa first. Before I knew he had arrived. So no photo. Graeden promised Tymon not to tell the other kids who the man behind the beard is. Jett looks good. It was all we could do to even get Jocelyn to be happy about seeing him. Kira was fine...until she started pulling on Santa.

Graeden and Jett helped Nana and Bapa do the puppet show "Grouchy Bear". They did well. Most of the time. Jett stood up and traced the stage with his hand toward the end and started waving his arms in the air. We're thinking he needs some more positive attention so he doesn't think he needs to act out to get it.  

Having the show after Santa unintentionally helped the logistics of party clean up flow smoothly. All the kids were in another room watching the show while adults got all the tables and food put away lickety split. With no kids running around the gym. Nice.

I got a good chuckle after putting the photos on my screen to find photos of urine in motion. Look at those droplets. Fascinating. I'm grateful that there were no private parts in the photos. Judging from the photos of furniture and door handles that came before this one and the back of Graeden at the toilet, I think that Jocelyn was the photographer.

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  1. hahaha! That's one photo that has not appeared on my phone or camera. Now, repeated pictures of door handles, the tv or close-up of the carpet we have plenty. :)


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