December 30, 2011

Christmas High Low

Christmas Eve
Dinner High: A small enough gathering so we could use real plates, bronze-ware, glasses and cloth napkins. No plastic or paper products allowed. Me likey. 

Dinner Low: We got back from seeing Tin Tin later than I thought and our grass-fed beef roast went in the oven late...which meant we ate our salads first and sliced off a piece of roast here and there as it continued to cook the entire time.

Luke 2 Reading High: The shepherds were calm and gentle (read: not fighting). The rambunctious angel calmed down in time to act out her part.
Luke 2 Reading Low:  My dad forgot to bring the old family bible. 

Christmas Morning
Stockings High: Oranges are always a big hit. I'm not sure I know why. We had plenty the night before in the fruit bowl and have plenty there now.
Stockings Low: Sometimes I get confused between Jett's and Elliott's stockings. Luckily Santa always knows whose is whose and got the right gifts in the right stocking.

Presents High: Jocelyn loved her doll house...for about a minute until she saw the boys' aircraft carrier.
Presents Low: Santa went all out on the doll house and sets of Legos and I found a huge set of Rescue Heroes (heroes/aircraft carrier/planes/ships/etc) at a garage sale BUT the kids' favorite presents were all a few dollars and cheaper. Why oh why do we stay up so late getting everything ready? Tymon and I were in bed by 4am...only to rise at 9am - the official start time of Christmas.

Favorite Presents:
Graeden: a bow and arrow
Elliott: a stuffed animal from his grandma Coleen
Jett: Star Wars marshmallow candy stick
Jocelyn: an orange

Church High: Only an hour long service (no Sunday School) and Elliott and Jett got dressed before 9am.
Church Low: Not being able to chat with very many people at church after the service. There were several people home for the holidays that I haven't seen in years.

Dinner High: Dinner was at my brother's house and his wife did the cooking. I brought a couple of salads (Caprese with mango and an orange cucumber with butter lettuce). 
Dinner Low: I was so tired from having stayed up so late that I fell asleep during the puppet show that my boys put on with Nana and Bapa.

Nightly Scripture Reading High: All of the kids were interested in the story (we're reading about Jesus' New Testament miracles right now),
Nightly Scripture Reading Low: except Jocelyn....who usually runs around during scriptures or hides in my room watching cartoons on my iPad.

December 19, 2011


If she can't see me that means I can't see her. Or so she thinks.

I was laughing about Jocelyn "hiding" from me not too long ago when a friend (border patrol agent in Arizona) said unfortunately, it's not just children who do this. He'd been out on patrol not too long ago and saw a grown man trying to hide from him in a bush.

Agent: (in Spanish) Come out. I can see you.
Illegal: (crouches down, covers face with hands and doesn't move)
Agent: I can see you! Come out of there!
Illegal: (doesn't move)
Agent: (pokes him with his nightstick) Come out. I see you.

Really?! Ha ha ha. I want him to take a photo of this next time it happens. I'll put it side by side with Jocelyn's. That's pretty much the whole reason why I'm posting this. Some day she'll get a laugh out of it. Because yes, she truly believes I can't see her in this photo...I'm pretty sure this is the same thought process that tells her I don't know what she's doing when she sneaks open the fridge and take food to eat under her bed. Of course, if she bothered to hide the wrappers, I wouldn't have to know about it.
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December 18, 2011

Two Brothers

Have you seen Two Brothers? It's fantastic. The filmmaker (Rick Stevenson) followed a couple of brothers for ten years and interviewed them yearly and recorded portions of their lives. What I loved most was seeing how the brothers' relationship with each other matured over time. It gives me hope for my own children. No matter how messed up their relationships seem, there is a strong possibility that one day the fighting will cease and they'll become friends. Streaming the movie is only $2.99. Watch it. You won't be disappointed.

December 10, 2011

Santa Breakfast

One party down. Two to go. Today. Because we're party animals like that. 

Elliott saw Santa first. Before I knew he had arrived. So no photo. Graeden promised Tymon not to tell the other kids who the man behind the beard is. Jett looks good. It was all we could do to even get Jocelyn to be happy about seeing him. Kira was fine...until she started pulling on Santa.

Graeden and Jett helped Nana and Bapa do the puppet show "Grouchy Bear". They did well. Most of the time. Jett stood up and traced the stage with his hand toward the end and started waving his arms in the air. We're thinking he needs some more positive attention so he doesn't think he needs to act out to get it.  

Having the show after Santa unintentionally helped the logistics of party clean up flow smoothly. All the kids were in another room watching the show while adults got all the tables and food put away lickety split. With no kids running around the gym. Nice.

I got a good chuckle after putting the photos on my screen to find photos of urine in motion. Look at those droplets. Fascinating. I'm grateful that there were no private parts in the photos. Judging from the photos of furniture and door handles that came before this one and the back of Graeden at the toilet, I think that Jocelyn was the photographer.

December 3, 2011


It's not just creating babies. I like creating other stuff, too. I made a handbag for Jocelyn last night...because she was looking at messing around with my extra fabric from a second table runner I made. She loves her handbag. It's lots better than putting her drawings in a plastic grocery sack. The only problem is that she wears it around her neck. Maybe I should do a backpack for her next. 

I'm in love with my sewing machine. Not that it's anything special. It's not. But I like it even more than my computer right now. Of course that could also be because my identity was stolen yesterday. I saw a big charge on our online banking page from I thought it was Tymon getting me a birthday present. I got really excited. Then it occurred to me that either this is a really really great present OR it wasn't a valid charge. So I gave him a call.

Me: Did you make a purchase this morning at Piperlime?
Him: What's Piperlime?

Right. So my next step was to call the bank. Then Piperlime. Then the sheriff. Then file and FBI report. Ugh! Not exactly what I planned to do yesterday.  When I went into the bank, they gave me a temporary debit card that I can use in between now and when my new card comes. That was cool. So even though I should be okay against additional usage of my stolen card number, I was way more comfortable just shutting down my computer. Time for stronger security.

I wonder if cyber thieves feel as great creating ripples in our lives as we do creating items that are real and tangible.
Kira's Christmas Stocking I finished a few hours after this post.

December 1, 2011

Attn: Texans and East Coasters

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