January 19, 2012

Baking Delights

Remember the two bread making classes that I did with the church ladies in November? Well, I've been practicing. And I've improved. A ton. My boys don't complain about hard crusts anymore.

Tymon surprised me with a stand mixer for Christmas. I had bought a cheap one before Thanksgiving to save a few dollars on our turkey (spend $50 and get a turkey for 49 cents per pound). I wasn't sure how much I'd actually use a stand mixer so Tymon and I discussed me using the cheap one for a while. If I was still using it a year later, then we'd invest in a better quality mixer. Well, he forgot we'd talked about it. Ha ha. So when he saw it on my Amazon wish list, he went out and picked up a Kitchenaid at Costco. I love it and use it a few times each week.

I'm craving a bit more instruction on breads, though. I think I'm ready for more. I'd also like to increase my experience with alternative flours. It's exciting for me to look at photos of the bread I was making a year or two ago. The improvment is like night and day.
I made these cinnomon rolls tonight. I can't wait until breakfast!

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  1. Yum! I used to make bread constantly, but lately have fallen off the band wagon. I love my kitchen aid. They are so worth the $$ in my opinion. When we were first married, our joke was that when we had a "real" job, then I wanted a kitchen aid and David wanted a miter saw. Well, that first Christmas after he was done with grad school and we had a "real" job, guess what was under the tree. ;o)


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