January 2, 2012

Indefinite Detention

Have you heard of the bill that Obama signed on New Year's Eve? It gives our government the sweeping power to indefinitely hold terrorists. Without charges. Without trial. And they don't even have to do anything wrong. They can be held preventively. Don't worry, according to the Associated Press Obama wanted to make sure that American citizens wouldn't be included in the indefinite detention provision...unless of course the president thinks an American is a national security risk. So as long as I trust the President, all will be well. Ah, I feel so much safer (read heavy sarcasm here). Read David Swanson's article "Obama Crowned Himself On New Year's Eve" to balance out the AP's short-sighted one.

Obama's sneaky, that's for sure. Evil, too. And so are our representatives. They don't represent me. Or you. It's time we voted them out.

It's possible that I'm extra sensitive. Having been falsely accused this past summer (no charges, no judge, no trial) but definitely under investigation does that to a person. Logical thought shifts. One post that I've been thinking about for a while is about what it's like to be accused. I didn't think much on the rights of the accused before a few months ago. My perspective on rule of law and justice has changed. And I know myself just a little bit better.

In the next day or two I will post about what it's like to be accused. I don't think my experience is so unusual. At the rate our government is growing, unfortunately, some of you will experience it, too. I will leave you with this YouTube video, which was made several months ago. This is the bill that Obama just signed. Disgusting.

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