January 18, 2012

Snowed In

Great Wolf Lodge
"Howlin' Tornado"
The best part about going to the Great Wolf Lodge is the water park. In particular, the Howlin' Tornado water slide. After dumping you 6 stories you ride back and forth through the funnel before losing momentum and moving on through the ride. There is a 700 pound weight limit on this ride. Going with Elliott (together we weigh about 175 pounds) was fun. But riding with Tymon, my brother and father was the best ever. You see they don't actually weigh you. And our rough estimates put the four of us at 750 pounds. It's not that the tube can't handle the weight. It can. It's just that our momentum from the initial drop and up the side of the funnel didn't decrease all that much when we went back up the other side. And then back the other way. Wowsa. It was awesome.

Side Note: Having a shareholders meeting for the family business at a water park isn't super productive. 

Our Winter Wonderland
We came home Saturday night to snow at about 5pm. It was a fish tailing good time getting up our big hill, passing a handful of vehicles stuck at the bottom and one in the second stretch. That was the last time we've been out. It's now Wednesday and we have about a foot of snow. I heard there were 6 snow plows in the county. There haven't been any around our neighborhood. It's all snow and compacted ice.

I love this winter wonderland we live in. Except the not getting out part. It's been good for cleaning out the fridge though. I'd forgotten about some of the produce in there. We've eaten it all now. Tymon's been telling me that some people starve to death with food in the pantry. He thinks that would happen to him. I look in the pantry and see food. He looks in there and doesn't see anything to eat. I'm pretty sure Jocelyn takes more after me than Tymon. I had to take some egg roll wrappers away from her the other day and tell her it wasn't a snack. She sees most everything as food.

Graeden is also honing in on his culinary skills. We made pancakes this morning. He added water to his chocolate chip pancake mix. I made some millet pancakes from scratch. They were pretty good. But be warned. If you eat them at the same setting as refined white flour chocolate chip pancakes, they won't taste as great. Tymon was nice not to tell our kids that. They don't even notice.

Being snowed in helps me to finsih other projects, too. The pancakes are on top of my latest hand made masterpiece, a Valentine's Day table runner. As the snow continues to fall, it makes me wonder if the rain will ever come to melt it away. Or if days of cancelled school and working from home will persist a few more days.

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  1. My first thought at seeing this post was that I really want your house! Or at least a house like it. :) Sigh, some day.

    We've been snowed in over here too. I can't believe how much snow there is! It's crazy. Our power even went out today. Luckily it's back on though!


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