February 12, 2012

Downward Dog

I stopped going to yoga when I was pregnant with Kira. Combining my natural hyper-flexibility with relaxin (pregnancy hormone that loosens joints) and yoga wasn't a positive combination for me. But apparently it was for Kira. She likes the downward facing dog pose the best. Even when she's nursing. I don't like that so much. But she does. I guess milk tastes better yoga-style. She even looks at me every so often and smiles so I'm pretty sure she knows how unusual her behavior appears.
I will now interrupt this post to give you a too much information alert: Kira also likes to turn her head the wrong way when she's nursing. So, instead of me looking down and seeing her face, I see the back of her head...which makes it easier to kiss since it's closer to my face.  

I find myself giving this girl extra loves and hugs. She is so cute. And talented, too. Not every 7 month old is a self-taught yoga queen or pulls herself up to fold the laundry on the couch. This one is a keeper. That's for sure.

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