February 9, 2012

Just Sick

Remember the last time we got sick at our house? This time wasn't as bad. It started out innocently enough with Elliott not feeling well before dinner Tuesday night. Then he hurled. Every couple hours. Until 3 am, when Graeden tried to make it to the toilet but vomited all over Jett's feet as he was getting down from the bunkbed. I took a little mattress and set it up next to the bathroom. No more midnight sheet cleaning for me.

About 8am it was my turn. Unlike the last time, this time I'm not pregnant. I didn't realize the predicament being sick is when nursing. I had nothing to give Kira. I was empty and couldn't refuel. We're so lucky that she didn't get sick, too. I had enough energy to give her a bottle. Luckily she figured out how to hold it. Smart girl.

Shutters in master bath and bedroom. Before and After.
 Attention to any Johns-stalking peeping Toms: THE SHOW IS OVER! After living with naked windows for 38.5 months, we put up shutters.

I used to tell myself we lived on a greenbelt and no one was looking. And that may be true. But this week when I was standing at the mail box, I noticed the shutters in our windows were visible. And which window? Yes, that's right. Only the master bathroom. Now I'm blushing. Tymon assures me that anyone looking would have only see pink bodies. Not even be able to distinguish man/woman. Ha ha. What an optimist.

Besides the neighbors not being able to watch us shower anymore, the shutters are also good for keeping rooms dark when you're sick and want to sleep all day. Yup. Did that. So glad to be feeling better. AND I got my first return letter today. Yay! 

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