February 26, 2012

Mini Chocolate Chip

This morning Graeden made the family chocolate chip pancakes. Mainly because I didn't want to get out of bed was nursing Kira. I really like it when he wants to cook. He does a great job and usually only a few pancakes need to be sent back to the kitchen for some quality grill time.

Conversation at the dinner table tonight:

Me: Who wants that chocolate chip?! (pointing to a leftover mini-chocolate chip from this morning)
Elliott: Me! (grabs chip and pops it in his mouth)
Graeden: I call dibs on it!
Tymon: Too late. You're going to have to wait for him to poop it out.
Graeden: You better clean it up real good, Mister!

I'm still laughing. The inflection of Graeden's voice in that last line was a mix of earnestness and seriousness. Entirely fantastic.

Spelt Bread

I made some spelt bread today. Looks good, right? Spelt is similar to wheat and has a high gluten content. If you are wheat gluten-sensitive then you may be able to tolerate spelt gluten just fine. I'm not convinced that "high gluten" means the same if it's not wheat though. This dough wasn't very elastic.

Well, these loaves were set to come out of the oven right before we left for church. No problem. A couple of minutes before we left, I tapped them and they sounded hollow. So I pulled one out of the oven, shook it out of the pan and onto the cooling rack. And it broke in half. I was surprised to find dough oozing out of the middle and burning my fingers. I guess I need to have formal training in what hollow sounds like. I put both pans back in the oven to finish cooking on whatever residual heat was left in the oven. I'm not sure what the kids' sandwiches will be like tomorrow. Eek.

Totally Unrelated:
Tymon and his computer chair - before and after photos. I was nervous about this *recliner* chair when the kids would get in it. They never fell though. Tymon did once. Good thing the waste bin was right under it so he didn't completely topple over. New office chairs saved us from certain destruction and all is well at the Johns'.

4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. hahahahahahah Graeden is hilarious =]

  2. hahahaha I am still laughing. =]

  3. Still makes me smile two days later. He's got a quick tongue. Wowsa!

  4. Bridget, you can use a meat thermometer inserted in the middle of the bread. The temperature should be 200 degrees when it's done.


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